Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aaaand they're off!!

Invites are officially in the mail, folks. If you didn't see yours yet, and don't want to, then SPOILER ALERT there are pics posted below! You can come back and read the rest of this post after you gets yours in a few days :) Please don't judge my invites by these sucky photos. My camera doesn't like to make pictures look awesome. ever. and the color's always so blah! Yes, the reason I got the camera in the first place is just to take normal, decent pictures, and be much better than the last camera I had. It has succeeded in those things... but now that I want it for beautiful blog pics I realize my camera kinda sucks. Even though it is green :( Yes, my camera, too, is green.

But I digress. Back to invites...

Fingers crossed that A - they all stay in tact and B - people don't think they look like crap. I know, I know, you're "not supposed to care what other people think." Come on, let's get real, that's a load of crap. I can't help it! I made all these invites FOR other people. I mean, yes, for me & FH, but they are going to be seen by 100+ other people, so how can I not hope people don't think they suck?

So the envelopes are kelly green - and so is the ribbon running down the sides of the invites themselves. And even though the side accent part looks olive, that's also just a tad shade lighter than kelly green. Thanks camera.

This one's gonna hurt your eyes, sorry, but this is the only one that really shows the true colors.

♪ Bliiiinded by the light... ♫

And here are the RSVP and Directions cards that went in with the invites.

I had so many ideas for my invites, I'm surprised I ever dwindled them all down to just one*! Well, if anyone ever needs any invites created, let me know. I've got a ton of ideas I didn't use and would love to put to good use! One of these days I'll have to put together some prototypes for the Behind The Green Veil Etsy shop.

It's been so hard dealing with the invite list, just about any bride will agree with me here. There are cousins you want to invite, but don't know their siblings very well so can't just invite the one cousin because you have to draw the line somewhere (like basically not inviting 2nd cousins as a rule so it doesn't look like you're picking and choosing). Or you want to invite one roommate, but not the other (I know I'm among the very small percentage of brides these days who doesn't live with her fiance yet!). What about happy hour buddies? Are they friends enough to invite? What about friends from high school that you don't talk to anymore, but were so close with way back when? Didn't you always think they'd be at your wedding? But you haven't heard boo from them in years (typically these are male friends, they SUCK at keeping in touch).

Then there are the friends who come out of the woodwork during your engagement. I don't think I'm alone in saying that when you get engaged, there will always be at least one person whom you haven't spoken to in years, that you either get back in touch with or really WANT to get back in touch with. I guess the latter would be because this is a major life event, and if you had any sort of good relationship with the person in the past, you kind of want them there. The only problem is... you haven't spoken to them in years, for whatever reason. The constant question of "Do I invite them?" goes through your head pretty much every day. But then you think, well this person hasn't contact me either, and what if I contact this person and they want nothing to do with me? And if I do invite them, will we lose touch after the wedding all over again, and in that case, is it worth it? Or what if they can't come for whatever reason? Did I just make an extra invite for naught? So how do you deal with all of these dilemmas?

No, seriously. I have no solution. How do you deal with all of these dilemmas?

You can say just invite whoever you want to be there and screw the rest, but it really just doesn't work that way. It's a tricky/sticky/sucky situation. I guess at some point you just have to bite the bullet and decide you're not inviting 2nd cousins, not inviting people you haven't spoken to in more than x amount of years, or not inviting (some of) the people you get drunk with on Wednesdays. Doesn't make it any easier, though, but us normal people ain't made of money. And us indecisive people need to stop thinking about it before "we" drive ourselves crazy.


PS Yes the names are smudged on purpose and not on the actual invites.

*Especially considering I'm one of the most indecisive people you'll ever meet.


  1. they look awesome! can't wait to get mine in the mail. =)

  2. You should only invite those friends and family that you truly want to have at your wedding.

    The friendships that you've lost over the years have ended for a reason. It doesn't make you a bad person (or them a bad person), it just means that those friendships weren't meant to be. Not everyone who enters your life is meant to stay in it forever.

    I wish you all the best with your wedding planning and I know you're going to look beautiful on your big day!

  3. The invites look great. I think the guest list is the most complicated question for a wedding. I'm having a terrible time keeping ours small because I keep wanting to add people to the list.

  4. Beauteous! I'm sure everyone will be impressed :)

  5. Just got mine in the mail. Beautiful. Matt commented how nice they were (without any prompting) and I told them you did them yourself. He couldn't believe it and proceeded to inspect it very carefully and still couldn't believe it. They look awesome. Great work!