Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have a new obsession - "hammered gold" spray paint by Rust-Oleum. I bought it to paint my table name frames with. Then I sprayed a couple other wedding things with it. The other day I decided when I move I'm going to paint my headboard with it, too (my bedroom is green, brown and gold). I... can't... stop. Everything is going to hammered gold soon.

I took my coffee table outside to repaint it last night. I'm moving on Saturday and decided I needed to paint it before I move because once I get there my backyard is down a flight of stairs, whereas in the house I'm in now I can just roll it out the back door and paint it. Anyway, I took it out back just to touch up the scratches because I still had the brown "leather texture" paint I painted it with like 3 years ago (um, are you supposed to keep spray point that long?? oops.), but I had to touch up one of my frames with the gold first. When I turned to the coffee table I was like "what if..." and next thing I know, my table is gold.

Aaaand I love it. Oh, and yes it is laying sideways. Use your imagination (or just block out everything in the background). Due to the move, I'm lacking space. Plus I had to move it inside pretty quick because it started raining. Figures. It rains every time I spray paint. Looks like she'll be getting another coat tomorrow!

Oh right, so goldfinger? Seriously, every time I spray paint my "trigger finger" turns gold. I even wear latex gloves when painting and somehow the paint still gets in. *sigh* Oh well!


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