Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving Right Along

I just feel like doing this because I got some shiz done this week! In addition to all the crafts from last weekend, I've been moving right along with other planning aspects:

Videographer - BOOKED!
Caterer - BOOKED! (also talking to them about rentaling plates/utensils, which would be awesome!)
Brunch Food - got prices
And also tons of moving-related tasks i.e. packing, address changes for all my accounts and all that fun stuff

Oh, did I mention I'm moving this Saturday?!? Who has two thumbs and has been uber busy the past two weeks? THIS GIRL! I couldn't really start packing until my invites were done, so I was up late working on those every night, and since they went out I've been up late every night packing for the move! I have so much crap. I'm just moving across town, but still - that doesn't mean the quantity of stuff to be moved is any less! I'm so excited to move. I've never had my own place before! I mean, it'll be OUR place, but still very different from living with roommates, which I've done since college! YAY my OWN fridge and freezer to fill! YAY not worrying about if someone else is doing laundry when I need to! YAY for being able to leave my wedding projects lying around instead of having to clean everything up after I'm done for the evening (or at least make a path)! YAY being able to decorate every room without having to think about if they'll like it or not!
Oh, and FH's bachelor party (they called it a "Stag Do", and bachelorette parties are called "Hen Parties") is this weekend, all weekend...
In the United Kingdom it is now common for the party to last for more than one evening, hence the increasing prevalence of the phrase "stag weekend." A spin off has been the growth of the stag weekend industry in the UK with various companies taking over the preparation of the event. In the UK, stag weekend trips are becoming mini-holidays with the groups taking part in various day time activities as well as the expected night out on the town. Groups of friends attending weekends away in the UK and even into Europe with their best friend leave home on a Friday and embrace two days of fun. The groom who normally is called "the Stag" will have a selection of tasks to complete on the stag weekend. Group activities might include paintball, kart racing, poker parties, quiz machining, and clay pigeon shooting. Stag t-shirts and fancy dress are now an accepted part of the stag night experience. The best man will usually organize the clothing and night's entertainment. Getting drunk and participating in stag activities is now the norm. know, the exact time I'm moving. So he'll be getting drunk and having an amazing time... while I'll be getting sweaty and sore from lifting things in the 96 degree heat we're supposed to get tomorrow! Life isn't fair! lol.

Speaking of unfair... I also ordered/won the hat for my bridal shower from ebay. I was really excited about getting my tracking number yesterday because that meant it was on its way! But then this morning I received an email from PayPal saying the seller had cancelled the shipment with the reason "Changed Mind". What! I emailed her and asked if she changed her mind about the shipping method or changed her mind about selling it. I really hope it's the former! :( Can they even do that?? Just decide they don't want to sell it after I already paid for it??


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  1. WHAT!? I hope it is just the shipping method - you wanted that hat so bad!