Friday, July 16, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

I received a couple emails yesterday asking what font I used on the invites. Thanks for asking - I take it that means you like it! I'm a big fan of finding new, non-normal Word fonts, so when I do invites or materials for work I tend to download new ones. I could have gone classic with a pretty script font like Lucida Calligraphy or Edwardian Script, but I wanted something fun and pretty and a little different. So I used a font called Kushtie.

I actually found it months and months ago (I don't know how many) when iDiY posted it on her blog via I didn't know then that I'd use it for my invites, but knew I liked it so downloaded it anyway! So there you have it folks. Mystery solved.

Are you doing your own invites or other wedding materials you need fun fonts for? A couple others that will be making an appearance on various printed wedding-related items include A Yummy Apology and Fortunaschwein, which I also found on, and Pea Faith from

A couple other free font sites include:

So check out these sites and add some fun fonts to your collection! Or if you like the classic look, then don't (although you can find a new classic look on these sites, too!). Your choice, just thought I'd share for those who asked about it!

Have a fantabulous weekend! Be on the lookout for a recap of Wedding Crap Fest 2010, aka this weekend. I've got MOH Cassie, Bridesmaid Amanda, and Bonnie slaving over crafts with me this weekend!



  1. Weekends like that make me sad that I live so far away..... ;)

  2. liar! you're GLAD because i can't make you my craft slave.