Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Called "Multitasking"

If your invites smell like sunscreen and/or chlorine (when you finally get them) then this would be why:

It's called multitasking, folks. Not only was I working on my invites, but I was also working on my tan. It was insanely hot while sitting in the sun, so much so that at first I jumped in the pool as a reward for every two invites finished, then I started doing it after every one, then I ended up doing them in the pool. I'm not kidding.

It was so bright out it hurt to look up at the camera!

I had to dodge the vacuum (which sprays water occasionally as it goes around the pool) AND the dog (who loves the pool and goes in a lot and shakes all over the place when she gets out). She looks so threatening:

Do you think I'll start a new trend? Scratch and sniff invites, minus the scratch? It'll make you feel like you're already at my wedding! (Note: Yes, this is where the wedding is being held, although you can't see the yard in any of these pics.)

Progress this past weekend included: making bridal hair trial and day-of appointments, getting prices for Sunday post-wedding breakfast, unloading a couple boxes of green glass at MOB's house (so I don't have to move with it in a few weeks), finding a couple new "pieces" of green glass at our local thrift store, finding another glass bowl for the candy bar, assigning my brother a couple of painting tasks (fingers crossed), coming up with projects for me and MOH Cassie to do this weekend (or the next weekend if she doesn't make it up this weekend), and invites! Saturday night this invite machine was fueled by white wine. Hey, it helped me stay up til 3:30 in the morning working on them! Whatever works, right?

38 down, 19 to go!! (of the US portion, remember, the UK portion already went out!)


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  1. I love the Scratch and Sniff invitations. Looks like a very nice spot for a wedding.