Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday = Cardbox Completion Day

Well, not every Wednesday, but this week it does! It has to, really, since the contest ends tomorrow. Sorry if I'm boring you guys with all the cardbox deets. I promise when it's done I'll move on!

So, here's what the pearls will look like once I figure out a way to sever the necklace they're on without the pearls going everywhere (don't worry, they're fake pearls I've had since like 7th grade). Keeping them on the string is key, I just need to stare at it a bit more to figure out how to cut it. Or maybe if I just stare at it long enough, the problem will solve itself. That works sometimes, right?
I like - you? Tonight it will be finalized, so speak now or forever hold your peace!

As you know, FH was visiting last weekend. What you might not know is that we had shirts made for 8 of us and took him out to celebrate St Pat's... 3 days late. The awesome Bonnie of un de six strikes again! She made the shirts (and drank with us of course). Ch ch ch ch ch ch check 'em out.

(dave dave davedave dave dave dave dave davedave dave dave dave davedave dave)

(bridesmaid Amanda)

Pretty sweet hangin around with someone who can do stuff like this, eh*? (The bottom of the shirts say "Drinking until we all have accents." lol) She's also making shirts for bridesmaid Amanda's FH's bachelor party in Vegas. Can't wait to see what those look like!

Boy is this my holiday! I wore green from Tuesday - Saturday last week. Including green eye shadow. It's the one week I could do it that many days in a row and not look like a freak! St Pat's is also MOB's bday so wish her a happy birthday ya'll! Yeah, it was a week ago, so what? I didn't miss it... but you did :)


*this eh's for you Lela


  1. Card box looks great. I'm glad you went with the pearls.

    Also, Un de Six did not make the shirts...6Prints did. Working on my branding. Un de Six is clothing, 6Prints is screen printing. I was told guys don't want to buy tshirts from the same site that sells spring dresses. Thanks for the shout out! I want to put those pics on the website:

    Check out, featuring Mark and Mandy.

  2. oops! my bad. that's what happens when you have two brands! want me to update the post?

  3. No no...just putting it out on the internet. If I post links on blogs it boost my relevance on search engines. So it's just shameless promotion. I agree, that's what happens when I have two brands. I should just do everything under my name. Oh well, long blog comment! Bob Lob Law.