Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Crapfest 2010 (July Edition)

As I mentioned last week, MOH Cassie, Bridesmaid Amanda, and friend Bonnie were helping me with crafts this weekend. It actually turned into quite the marathon, and a successful one at that - which makes me happy! Even though it wasn't so much the weekend as just all day Saturday. We started the day with errands (including a Michael's trip, duh), ending errands at Target where the SECOND friend of mine announced their engagement to me! Yup, that's right, two of my friends now have told me, IN TARGET, that they're engaged. Does this have something to do with my Target obsession?!? A super special congrats to Bonnie and Matt, who will be getting married next spring!!

So now Bonnie gets to torture Amanda and I as payback for helping with our weddings! :) Even though she probably thinks she's going to be doing all of her projects herself. LOL. Bonnie - trust me on this - take all the help you can get!!!

So after errands were done (and announcements made), we came back and started on the arts & crafts. Here's (almost) everything we accomplished:

Table Names (several of "our" songs and some that just remind us of each other, including lyrics). Bonnie was all over that. I mean, I painted all the frames and printed all the lyrics and stuff, but she cut the paper and put it in the frames, thus, completing the project.

Cork placecard holders (now with ribbon and finally completed!)

Hat box (for the hats I'm bringing to my fancy hat shower) covered in green fabric. Don't you love how the floral print of the box looks like it's printed on the fabric? If you can't tell in the pics, trust me, it looks cool. This project isn't done yet, but will be (hopefully) before my shower in a couple weeks!

And last, but most definitely not least, my bouquet is done!! But that gets its own post :)

Special thanks to Cassie for bringing her camera so I could take some better pictures this weekend, and also for COMPLETELY doing my bouquet and just generally for coming up from DC just to help me with stuff! Also to Bridesmaid Amanda and Bonnie for being my slaves for the day, too!


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  1. "Wedding Crapfest" made me laugh.

    Your frames and table names came out looking very pretty.

    So there's the world's most boring comment.