Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Was Obviously Too Busy To Attend The Royal Wedding

I've been telling my ENGLISH HUSBAND for months that I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our invite to the royal wedding. I mean, he's ENGLISH. Automatic invite, no?? Whatever. Obviously our invite got lost in the mail. And then his parents decided to come visit us during the royal wedding, so we were BUSY ANYWAY MR. FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND. So there. We wouldn't have come to your stupid royal wedding anyway. (Yes we would. And by "we" I mean me.)


As you probably already know, I have a super love for fancy hats. Remember my bridal shower with fancy hats? I wish that could be every day of my life.

Why do English people get to wear hats to things?? How come Americans can't do that? I'm now half-English, right? So that means I can wear hats all the time, right?

I thought I'd play around a little and think about what I would have worn to the royal wedding. You know, had I not been busy. And no, I'm not talking about full outfits. Obviously the hat is the most important thing to wear to an English wedding, especially the ROYAL wedding. Duh.

SJP Rocked a cool one (love SJP!)
Via Google Image Search

A little lampshade-esque, but hey, when in Rome.
Via Google Image SearchThese next two are my favorites. Definitely would wear either one.
Via Google Image Search here and here

I hope the Queen rocks one of these.
Via Google Image Search

Ok, this is where the line is drawn.
Via Google Image Search

I think I really need to get into the Kentucky Derby and either go or have a derby party. In case you don't know what that means (like those across the pond), here's a quick explanation from the Kentucky Derby Wikipedia page "Women appear in fine outfits lavishly accessorized with large, elaborate hats." Like so:

This would be my derby hat. In all seriousness.
Via Google Image Search

Am I the only one who can't wait to see the hats tomorrow?? Ok, sure, the dress, too. But definitely the hats.


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