Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it weird...

...that I love organizing? Like, get excited about it. Not that I do it every day. I need to have the right amount of time to do it, and either the right amount of or right lack of sleep, because in my head it's like a fine art. It takes time and patience. But when I do have time for org time... it's on. And I get way too excited about it. OMG I FIGURED OUT THE PERFECT WAY TO ORGANIZE THE PET STUFF! Score.* OMG I FINALLY ORGANIZED THE PANTRY AND THE CANNED VEGETABLES ARE HERE... BAKING ITEMS THERE... AND CHIPS AND SNACKS GO HERE! Yes.

Sometimes it's easy to see the organization, sometimes it's just in my head. Like I'm pretty sure my husband has no idea where anything is in the house, but to me I'm like what? The extra blankets? Obviously they're in the container next to the dryer, under the bed in the guest bedroom, in the closet, and in the basement. Duh. You didn't know that? Oh, right, because I put them there and in my head I know where they are, but I guess you can't read my mind... yet. You should probably get on that if you ever want to know where anything is in the house.

Hm... maybe I should give him a list of where things are? I really do know where just about every little thing in my house is, and could totally do it. A house map for the hubby... good idea? Or crazy... I'm thinking good idea. He's probably thinking the other.

I also super heart organization products. I hoard have little bins and baskets all over the place with the intent of finding something to put in them. And when I do, it's a tiny little victory for me. I may even have done a happy dance when I was organizing my pantry and remembered these little green bins my mom gave me that fit onto one another (like, lock into place, and I had no idea they were supposed to do that, which made me even more excited when I realized that) and perfectly fit my excess spices. Or maybe I didn't do a happy dance because that would be weird... but I was home alone that day and no one will ever know...

So this weekend, and the next, are organizing weekends and I'm way too excited about it. Scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets? Um, no thanks. Give me a junk drawer to organize and I'm all over it. With a freaking smile on my face.


*Really hoping this is a reality this weekend because it's out of control.

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  1. I don't think it's weird at all. I love to organize too. When you're finished it's such a sense of accomplishment, even if it's just the junk drawer.