Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I know I'm not supposed to talk about it, but...

I'm going to briefly talk about my wedding registry.


I know, I know. My mom says you're not supposed to talk about your registry. Well, actually, she didn't even agree with having a registry really in the first place because "it's asking for gifts when you're not supposed to." I agree with the idea that people technically do not have to buy you a gift, but the whole don't-ever-mention-your-own-registry-or-you-will-be-deemed-an-awful-person-and-horrible-things-will-happen-to-you thing bothers me a bit. It's deemed rude, and, of course, I would never bring it up to someone in a "you need to buy me this" sort of way. I just don't get why you can't mention it at all! It was an olden days unspoken rule, but I think it needs to vanish. Seriously. One of the greatest pieces of advice I received regarding my registry is that if you don't put things on your registry, then people don't know what you want. And when people don't know what you want, they come up with their own ideas. And what does that get you? Probably a lot of things you neither need nor want.

Another issue I had with my registry is that I KEPT SEEING THE THINGS I PUT ON THERE ON SALE OR AT MARSHALL'S/TJ MAX! I live and breathe bargain shopping, and it killed me to see something from my registry at one of these places for half the price and:

A - not buy it and then remove it from my registry. Not gonna lie, I did end up doing this a couple times. I had to fight with myself to stop doing it, though, or else there wouldn't have been anything for people to buy off my registry - and what does that get you friends? Say it with me. Things you neither need nor want.

B - not tell people about it. I wanted to send out blast emails like, "Hey, guess what! I saw this at Marshall's today - you should go get it there instead of where I registered and save yourself some dough!" Or, "Hey guys, Target has that thing I registered for on sale this week - now's the time!" I knew it wasn't right to do it, since it would have been seen as "Hey guys - go buy me a present, NOW!" but it just killed me to know that these items could be purchased for less and I couldn't tell anyone about it! There should be an option for people to sign up for email alerts associated with your registry or something. That'd be cool, huh? Like "Yes please, sign me up so I can get that toaster oven for my friend when it goes on sale!" I also wish Marshall's had a registry. Seriously. It's such a damn shame that they don't really have a "stock" of certain things at every store, so they can't have a registry. I thought about having people tell one of my MOHs when they got me a gift from Marshall's or Ross or something so she could remove it from my registry, but that would've just been way too tricky and tedious and annoying, I'm sure (MOHs - you're welcome). I know there are universal registries out there, like this one, but that doesn't even really help my cause. Sure, you can pick things from all sorts of different online stores, but you can't buy the apple corer I registered for at Bed Bath and then found for almost 75% less at Marshall's (and subsequently bought). Lol, what I mean is that you can't register for *any* thing at *any* physical store. The universal registry purpose is to combine different websites you want things from. Obviously it would be impossible for it to gain access to a place like Marshall's inventory (since they don't really have one) and be able to check it off your list when it's purchased. I think we need like a satellite registry or something. Yeah... that way, you could just buy something and somehow it would bounce off a few satellites and boom, checked off your registry. No? Silly idea? Is it? Or is it genius...

I also was known to call my mom and ask for things off my registry for Christmas or birthday for fear that they would sell out in the store. Target is notorious for this, Bed Bath not so much. I had to update my Target registry SO many times. As much as I love Target, it's really freaking annoying that they A - run out of things so often and B - don't even tell you what they are when they're out of stock! I actually emailed their customer service to say that I had a ton of items on my registry that just disappeared. They were listed with some funky number, the pictures were gone, and I had no idea what they were, so couldn't replace them. Was it my knife set? If so, I could pick another one. But noooo, it just didn't tell you. And when I emailed customer service about it? They said "We need to know what item you're speaking of." Um, yeah. I'd also like to know that information. That was one customer service issue that was not resolved.

Ha, also thought this was funny.


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