Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Royal Wedding Haters...

For the royal wedding haters out there - if you're an American hater who's all "What's the big deal, who cares, why is everyone so obsessed with this??" then shush. Do you realize that we have no equivalent? No future king to marry a future queen? Our presidents are almost always married by the time they get to the White House (I'm not looking this up, just assuming there were a few who did get married after), and that's the highest ranking person we've got. America was started by a bunch of English settlers, so therefore we have every right to at least be excited for our cousin England's future king and queen. It's the closest we've got. And no, please don't dispute my history lesson on how America was started. I'm trying to be as vague as possible so you don't realize how much I didn't pay attention in history class.

Now that we've settled that, also think about how many royal weddings our cousin across the pond will have in our lifetime. Well, royal weddings of a future king or queen. Sorry Prince Harry, you don't count. Yeah, that's right, 1 MAYBE 2 in our lifetime. So those who wonder why it's so big - that's why! This could be a once in a lifetime thing! Think about it.

Ok just one more point - it's like every little girl's DREAM to become a princess!! Just like little boys always want to be... what do they want that's the equivalent? Hm. Well, whatever, I guess men just won't get it, but it's every little girl's dream to become a princess. We dress up like them when we're younger. We dream about marrying Prince William when we're teenagers. We grew up with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White for Christ's sake. Disney basically plants it into every little girl's head that you, too can be a princess someday! Maybe you'll be scrubbing the floors of a palace and a Prince Charming will notice you and immediately fall in love with you and find your glass slipper and then marry you. So THIS is every girl's dream. We watched a non princess become a princess (I won't say commoner because Brits get mad since she's not a commoner). We had to live vicariously through her. Her and her prince and her horse and carriage. All in all, it's just a little fun, so let us have it! :)

Even Google is joining in the fun.

I get that people across the pond are more focused on how much everything costs because it's their country's money and their tax money. I'm talking American haters here. I'm not getting involved in a serious discussion involving England's economics.
I woke up like a kid on Christmas. Ok, an older kid on Christmas, because I didn't set my alarm any earlier or anything, but as soon as I opened my eyes I was like OMIGOD. Reached for my phone (thank god for smart phones), checked out CNN, and Perez Hilton. I had to see the dress. And the hats. There were so many bloody hats I don't even know where to start.

Some were hideous:via The Washington Post
I mean, what was the guy in the red coat thinking??

Not very many were green. What's up with that??? Guess I would've been unique if I went. You know, had I not been busy... I think I'll do a hat roundup post next week. Too much else going on in this one.

The dress was BEAUTIFUL.

via BBC

I personally couldn't wear a long-sleeved dress because I am always 10 degrees hotter than everyone else in the room. I tried on my mom's long-sleeved dress and had to nix it. I just couldn't. I was sweating and it wasn't even my wedding day yet! Anyway, I LOVED Catherine's. So pretty. So classic. Which is what I guess she was going for. Not gonna lie, I think I expected her to be majorly done up - ridiculous amounts of bling and all that - but now that I think about it, she did it right. She's now a princess, these pictures are going to be plastered across every form of media in the world, and will appear on 8 million different pieces of commemorative crap*. She has to look classic and timeless, and she did. What if she tried to pull off some fashionable dress and the world made fun of her? Much more pressure than being able to try something a little different in front of your friends and family.


*I totally have commemorative items, thanks to my in-laws and Tim's aunt Alice! I've got tea cups, tea towels, a magnet, and even a travel bag. Love it!! Big thank you to them!

PS The royal wedding donut from Dunkin Donuts is delish. It has absolutely nothing to do with the royal wedding other than the name, but I had to get one. Again, how often is there a royal wedding, and a royal wedding donut, in our lifetime?? :)

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