Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No More Boxes

It's been a little hectic 'round these parts lately, trying to get ready for the in-laws coming to visit! They get in tomorrow night and they'll be here for 10 days! Tim's really happy for two reasons - 1. he hasn't seen his parents since our wedding in September 2. this has forced me to finally get the house in order after living there a mere 9 months. We finally don't have boxes in our hallway! Yay! Actually, not gonna lie, it feels a little weird not having to walk on one side of the hallway to avoid them anymore. I know I've said before that we've gotten rid of the boxes, but they keep coming back, what with bringing things back from my Grandude's house, and bringing wedding stuff back from my mom's and all. But I had a cutoff. All he really wanted me to do before his parents got here was clear that dang hallway. And now we have a real, live guest bedroom (which for a long time was just a mattress on the floor and boxes on top). We even test drove it with our friends Cassie and Stevvy. I made them fill out a questionnaire when they left.

Ok not really, but I 20 questioned her about it. How comfortable was it? Be honest. Is there anything else you wish was in the room that wasn't? TELL THE TRUTH. But I got nothing other than her saying it was fine. So either it's fine, or she's just being nice. Fingers crossed it's the former.

Anyhoo - our house is the cleanest and most organized it's been since I've lived there, and probably the cleanest and most organized it will ever be (PS we rent and hopefully will only be here for another year and 3 months). It's weird to not have to step over things or have that box that was pretty much permanently in the corner. I'm like awww box, where did you go? And Tim thinks I'm nutso.

I have this problem where I feel like everything has to be perfect. Of course it won't be. Nothing's perfect. But I still have this problem where I focus on the stupidest little things that no guest would ever notice. And yet... it's almost enjoyable? What? I'm starting to think maybe I should run a B&B or something.

But anyway, BEEP BEEP I'm tooting my own horn and patting myself on the back for getting all this crap finally done! I am very proud of me. I wish I could give me a medal. A glass of wine will do.



  1. The room was great so I know they will love it too! Can't wait to hear all about their visit.

  2. Ummm, yeah, good thing we have been at our place for almost 2 years and we still have a ton of stuff in boxes.

    Congrats though, I guess it must be time to have a house warming party, maybe in a huge backyard with a fire pit?