Monday, April 4, 2011


I finally got my wife chop. Or maybe it's just a chop at this point. But I finally got it, and I love it. Not like "Ooooh my hair's so pretty!" More like it just feels so much better. Not only is it super short (for me), but there are layers all through it so it's not as thick as my hair tends to be. My hair was driving me crazy. It was so long it would get stuck under purse straps and in coats, and of course when I'd pull it out from under my coat collar it'd be all staticky. Also I hadn't had a day in months where I thought I was having a good hair day.

Also, my mental state may just be a little shaky at the moment due to a super fantastic start to 2011. So I made a rash decision and I'm not gonna lie, cutting my hair felt good on an emotional level as well. A la Britney Spears circa 2007.

I'm with ya Brit Brit.

I actually didn't even realize I was taking that much off until the other hair dressers started coming over and checking out all the hair that was on the ground.

On another note - let's make this blog wedding-related for once! Halfway through my chop, I had an "Oh sh_t" moment. I remembered that I'm to be a bridesmaid in a little under two months. Oops. Now, Bonnie is like the most laid back bride ever, so I wasn't too fearful, but I can't deny that I felt bad. I know some brides want their bridesmaids to have their hair done the same way, and some specifically request that bridesmaids don't cut their hair until after the wedding. Yes, that was me. I didn't do it in a "DON'T YOU DARE CUT YOUR HAIR!" kind of way (at least I hope it wasn't taken that way), but I wanted everyone to be able to have long enough hair to do a side bun. So yes, I felt pretty bad when I was mid chop the other day and realized I had no idea how Bonnie wants her bridesmaids' hair to be. Of course, I'm pretty sure even she doesn't know yet, lol, but still. Anyway, my hair dresser assured me that my hair grows so fast (tell me about it), that any hair dresser who knows what he/she is doing will be able to get my hair up in a 'do. So, uh, future bridesmaids? You may want to check in with your bride pre-chop. Unlike me, who acted spontaneously, apologized after, and am lucky my hair grows at the rate of a Chia Pet.



  1. Yeah, have no idea what the hair will be, just got done with the first pass at the dresses, but I do have a hair stylist, so I am doing good there. I figured you would all have different hair and shoes and dresses, same bouquets, well, maybe same bouqets. Maybe I will just have everyone get their hair cut like you.

  2. Oh, also, your hair looks great! Very wedding appropriate if you ask me.