Monday, June 28, 2010

Fancy Hat Party

As I mentioned in the post about my shower, one of my requests was that people wear fancy hats. I'm pretty sure that's happening. And I hope it's happening since I'm blogging about it :)

I've been asked "What classifies a 'fancy hat'? And where do I find one?"

Let's start with this. I love fancy hats. I think they're super awesome. I'd LOVE to have a derby party someday where everyone has to wear super awesome hats. And it drives me MAD that they're not "in style" in the way that you could wear a pillbox hat walking down the street without people looking at you like you escaped from a mental hospital or are 80 years old. My Meamaw used to rock a mean hat, and I'm jealous that she could do that! I mean A- she grew up in the days where hats were in fashion and not weird and B- she was old and old people can do whatever the eff they want. Let me clarify, by the way, that yes I do know certain hats are "in fashion" and some people don't give a crap what people think and wear awesome pillbox hats anyway. However, I'm telling you that these people get funny looks, and it's not as "in fashion" as it once was - as in almost everyone had a matching hat for their outfit for any major event. I WISH we still lived in those days. I would LOVE that! So anyway, my point is, I'm taking advantage of using my shower as a place where I can rock some awesome hats (yes, plural - I've got to make the most of this!) and not look crazy!

A fancy hat, by my standards, is basically just a pretty hat (like not of the baseball cap variety). Some examples would be:

The pillbox hat

Google Images

The wide brimmed sunhat

The sunday/church hat


The garden party hat (sometimes minus the "party")

The fedora

The fur hat

And for those who'd rather be a little less "fancy" or "out there" or whatever you want to call it:

The beret

Daily Vogue

The newsboy

So where can you find them? My very first suggestion would be to check out your grandma, aunt, or even neighbor's closets. See if there's anything hiding away in there. You never know, you could strike gold! My Meamaw had so many hats in her closets, and if I'd been engaged and knew I'd be having this shower when we were going through them after she died, I would have taken them all! My next suggestion would be a thrift, vintage, or consignment store. Then ebay or etsy. If you want to stick with a more modern hat versus vintage, check out sites like modcloth, alloy, delias, and pretty much any clothing store these days will have at least a fedora, if not a fun sun hat. Target has some cute hats, and I bet Wal-Mart does, too! Try out the hat names above for search terms, and let me know if you have any others for the list!

The point is for this to be fun, not stressful. So don't worry if you think you'll look silly - who cares?! It's fun!


PS My FMIL is wearing a hat to our wedding! I'm so excited for that! I don't think she's gotten one yet, but I picture something like this:

Google Images


  1. I am super excited about the fancy hat party and you can bet I'll be going all out. My only downfall is my huge head. But I figure if I straighten my hair it will help. Did I tell you I once wore my blue pill hat in the airport and an older lady told me I looked very elegant.

  2. Got mine! Was my great grandma's.