Friday, April 1, 2011

My Scooter Boy

Sorry folks, but looks like I'm gonna be a downer again. My beloved guinea pig, Scooter, died yesterday. For those of you who think of guinea pigs as not "real pets" like dogs or a cats, think again. Guinea pigs can have personalities just like those animals. All of the ones my family has ever had have been full of personality. I know you're not supposed to choose favorites, just like with children, but I have to say Scooter was and always will be my favorite. He was the most laid back guinea pig ever. He didn't care if you took him for a car ride. Didn't care if you picked him up and held him. He was usually right at the edge of his cage just waiting for you to pick him up (as opposed to my other one, PC, who runs and hides). He looooved to be held in robes and blankets. He has been known to fall asleep on his gramma (my mom). He was just the sweetest little boy.

He was born in January 2006 and I adopted him sometime shortly after from a family that had too many pets (seriously - parrots, guinea pigs, dogs, you name it). I adopted him and his "brother" Fievel. Unfortunately Fievel had health issues and passed away a few years ago. But Scooter lived to be 5 years old, which is actually quite a long time for guinea pigs. It's hard to have pets that don't have a very long life span, but they're just such great pets.

Most loved pig

Scooter was actually really sick with a common guinea pig ailment called "Bumblefoot." Basically, he had ulcers in the bottom of his feet that would not heal. Poor little guy. :( I took him to the vet in November, which actually had a Dr. who knew a lot about guinea pigs (hard to find). She told me he would live max 6 months with antibiotics. So of course I bought him a gajillion antibiotics. He's my baby! Of course I would. So since November I've been giving him medicated baths every night, injecting antibiotics into his mouth, and occasionally switching to topical antibiotics. He was not a fan. But, it definitely seemed to help. When my mom was taking care of him while we were on our honeymoon he didn't seem to be doing very well (this was pre-vet visit) and she was so worried he would die while we were away. He didn't, and he just about maxed out the 6 months the vet gave him. Even though I was kind of in denial and hoping she was wrong...

Last week we started noticing he was doing worse than usual. He couldn't walk very well, wasn't moving around as much. I took him with me to Maryland so he could see Gramma one last time. Turns out it's a good thing I did. I was in NY on Tuesday and DC on Wednesday for work. I was originally supposed to stay over in DC on Wednesday, but changed my mind and opted for a late train home instead. Yet another thing I'm glad I did. Hubby had told me the night before that he really wasn't doing well, but I wasn't really prepared for it to be true. When I got home Wednesday night, Scooter couldn't move one of his arms at all, and could barely move the other. Tim thinks he may have had a stroke. Bumblefoot also can get into the bones, though, and that may have happened as well. Either way, he wasn't in a good place and I sat down and held him for a while, knowing he didn't have much longer. Tim woke me up the next morning to tell me he was gone. He thinks he held on just long enough for me to get home and say goodbye. I like to think he did.

I got to hold him the night before he died. My little sweetheart...

My poor little Scooter, I bid you adieu...

When I first got him, so teeny tiny!

He used to love climbing and jumping on things when he was younger.

St. Patty's Day pig

He sure did love going outside at Gramma's and eating fresh grass.

Scooter helping unwrap Christmas presents... aka eating the paper.

He ate that whole carrot! He was definitely OD'd on carrots for a few days after Gramma gave him that.

Scooter in Gramma's robe

Christmas pigs

Mmm strawberries

Oh yes I did take a picture with my babies in my wedding dress! It seemed a little ridiculous to have them as ring bearers… but I definitely had to be with them on my big day at some point!

My mom said this morning it was amazing how somebody so tiny could bring so much joy. So very true.

Love and miss you so much baby.


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