Monday, November 1, 2010

Reverse! Reverse! Recap Rewind: Rehearsal Dinner

This past weekend I visited Bridesmaid-Turned-New-Momma Lela for a milisecond (not literally, but pretty much). I flew out to AZ for, oh, like a grand total of a day and a half? Anyway, this weekend her husband Brad gave me a CD of all the pics he took of our wedding weekend - all 315+ of them, plus 5 videos! And, as I suspected, he had some rehearsal dinner pics so I thought I'd do a little rewind back to the rehearsal dinner recap (here and here), but sans more recap and plus more pics.

Ceremony site in MOB's backyard (notice old windows to the right waiting to be hung)

Me probably laughing at how funny it was that I wouldn't say "I do" during our rehearsal. I'm so funny!

Beer in hand during faux vows

There's one of our signs! It says "Here Comes The Bride" on one side and "Just Married" on the other. Our flower girl was to hold it one way for down the aisle, the other for the way back. More on that later, lol.

Green decanter and wine glass for our wine ceremony (more on that later, too)

The pool, tables with lanterns, pergola with lights, and guests (and me in the shadows on the left).

Of course we had green solo cups for beer pong. Why would they be any other color??

Um, apparently we like to stand the same way? Weird...


PS Brad made us this AWESOME album (like, physical album) on with some of the best pics he took. We got it on Thursday before I left for AZ and were all smiles at how great it turned out! AMAZING!

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  1. can't wait to see all those photos/videos! i bet there are tons of great shots on there!