Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"How was it?"

Why is it that when you run into, or meet, people after your wedding, they always ask:

"How was it?"

I know it's just a standard, harmless question, but it's funny to think about, no? Like, what if I turned around and said, "OH MY GOD it was terrible, you're so lucky you weren't there!" Lol. I'm not picking on people for asking, just think the question is ridiculous and funny. I had so many people ask me this question when I was at Lela's house a couple weeks ago and every single time I'd say, "It was great." And trail off. It's just kind of an awkward question! Or maybe I'm just awkward... But I definitely think it's the question. I mean, does someone I just met really want me to go through my whole day with them? Probably not. I think they feel just as awkward, but for some reason it's like a reflex when people find out another person got married. They can't help it. It just comes out.

And there's my random thought for today. :)

Is it just me??



  1. Ha, it could be worse. A couple of weeks ago we went to hang out with a couple who got married this summer and we were at their wedding. And my lovely boyfriend's first question to them is "So how'd you make out at your wedding?" Really? I couldn't believe how awkward that question was! Awkward and inappropriate.

  2. Okay, so when my little Bean was born, it was ... awful. The last few months of pregnancy, I was on bedrest and in constant labor; hard labor at the actual birth, we had difficulty getting nursing established, she WOULDN'T SLEEP.

    So one day, I was wandering the mall with her (she would only sleep if I walked her in the Baby Bjorn, so I never got to sleep). I went into a toy store and the clerk oohed and awed and asked, "Don't you just love having a baby?" I was exhausted, disheveled and smelled like baby barf. Too tired to be polite, I said, "No."

    She looked at me like she was setting off the silent Social Services alarm under the counter. I love brutal honesty in the face of rudeness.