Monday, November 29, 2010

Recap Time: The Ceremony (pretty stuff version)

And now, time for the pretty (if I do say so myself) decorations and details from the ceremony! (See the mush version here.)

I have some awesome friends who figured out how to hang my old windows above where we were getting married (the "altar" if you will). They looked really great. And we hung Christmas lights around the area and had tiki torches surrounding the chairs (to keep bugs away as well as provide lighting).

I designed all of our programs, and Bridesmaid Amanda and Bonnie helped me assemble. Tying tiny ribbons ain't fun, but they sure do look pretty! :) We had bubbles but no one really used them. Oh well! Our flower girl had fun with them, so they got some good use!

(Tip: stones or glass marble-type thingies you can get from the dollar store are really helpful when having an outdoor wedding that has paper anywhere!)

So we had a sign that said "Here Comes The Bride" on one side, meant to be brought down the aisle just before me, and "Just Married" on the other, for walking back up the aisle after being married. Our flower girl really really wanted to carry it the "Just Married" way down the aisle (you know, before we were married)... and did. Lol! She's at the age where she likes to be a little dramatic, too, and loves to just plop herself down on the ground! Her mom thinks she's a great actress :) Luckily she didn't plop herself down on the way down the aisle, but did on the way back! The wedding video of everyone walking past her is hilarious because everyone keeps looking at her and she seems to want to know why everyone keeps walking, lol.

MOB planted white hydrangeas in the area behind where we would be getting married. Don't they look pretty? The little stand between Tim and I is where we put the glass of wine for our wine ceremony. After we said "I do" I took it (the glass of wine, that is, not the stand) with me to the reception. Yes, I walked back up the aisle with a husband, my bouquet, and a glass of wine. Lol.


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