Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recap Time: Rehearsal Dinner Part I

I guess as most probably are, our rehearsal dinner was less rehearsal and more dinner. Truth be told, it was actually more karaoke and beer pong. That's right, there was beer pong at our rehearsal dinner, and it was impromptu.

Firstly I need to admit I broke a cardinal rule when planning any event you actually want people to attend - I didn't check a real calendar before picking a date. Long story short, we knew we were going to get married in September for work and visa reasons. Plus it's a pretty awesome month, weather wise (so many people I told we were getting married in September said what a great month it was to get married!). I opted to not go the "wedding on a holiday weekend route" (not because I don't agree with it, and not because I do, just wanted to avoid the issue altogether), so skipped labor day, didn't particularly want to get married on September 11th, so the 18th it was. I think the only "calendar" I looked at to pick the 18th was on my cell phone, hence no holidays or observances were looked at. May-ja mistake on my part.

Why is this relevant to the rehearsal dinner recap? Well, Tim and I had decided we wanted to ask my friend and boss, now called Minister Mol, to officiate at our wedding. I looked up all the information to make sure it was legal and all to get someone ordained on the internet to perform your ceremony in NJ (it is), had all the information ready to give her for it, and one day (before asking her) she just comes out and says "You didn't book your wedding on, like, a Jewish holiday or anything did you?" My jaw must've fallen to the floor. That's right folks, I just so happened to pick our wedding date on not just any Jewish holiday, but the biggest Jewish holiday - Yom Kippur. For those who don't know, there tend to be varying degrees of observance for Jewish holidays. Basically some people take the "rules" more seriously than others. Our officiant just so happens to fall under the "very jewish" category - so from sundown Friday (rehearsal dinner) to sundown Saturday (wedding) she was not supposed to drive, eat, drink, handle money... you get the picture.

So we had to have everyone get together and rehearse by sundown Friday - oh and did I mention due to travel issues and such , the groomsmen weren't able to get there until after 6, like maybe even closer to 6:30-6:45? Sundown was at 7 by the way. Needless to say, we ended up rehearsing for like 5 minutes right around 7. And it was a bit of a jumbled up mess. Honestly, I wasn't worried or bothered by it, though. It was a mess, that's for sure, but, I mean, I got married in my mom's backyard. There's no need for anything to be too formal. I'm so glad I did get married there because order and perfection were not necessary and, truth be told, the more giggles and less order there was seemed to make it more comfortable, charming, and casual. At least that's what I think! We all made it down the aisle in one piece, that's all that matters!

I have yet to see any pictures from the rehearsal, and there are very few from the rehearsal dinner as a whole (I have a sneaking suspicion Bridesmaid Lela's husband has some, but they're kind of a little bit busy right now!), so I apologize for the lack of visual stimulation in this post.

To be continued...


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