Monday, October 11, 2010

Recap Time: Rehearsal Dinner Part II

Ok now for just a couple details from the night. First of all, I guess I should mention that all of the weekend's festivities (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, brunch) were held in my mom's backyard. We rented banquet tables and chairs for the wedding, which arrived on Thursday (score), so we set those up around the pool with green and white tablecloths, and white lanterns graciously loaned to me by a friend of a friend (I got SO many compliments on them - and they weren't even mine!). I wanted to do some cute decorations for the RD, but just ran out of time (reoccuring theme of the weekend). The tablecloths, lanterns, and christmas lights worked well with the beauty of nature (and the pool) in the backyard, though, so we were all set.

Loved these tablecloths! Yes, they're plastic, but they're also kelly green and white. And awesome. And $1.99 from our party rental store, Party Planet. We put them on the banquet tables for the RD and on some of the tables for the wedding itself. (Don't worry, they weren't on the dinner tables at the wedding!)

This is what the lanterns looked like (the white ones). These are from Target, but for some reason I think she got them from Ikea? Either way, they were damn cute.

Sorry, like I said, I haven't seen many rehearsal dinner pics yet! I'll have to do an update when I get some. Here is a pic of the tables and our back deck during the RD.

We actually dubbed it a rehearsal bbq so that it was as casual as could be. Bridesmaid Ryann's boyfriend Jason grilled for us (thanks again Jason!), and there were beers to be had. I'm pretty sure it was less than an hour into the evening when Tim's best man came up to me and asked if I was opposed to them starting up a game of beer pong. Nope! The only thing I said was maybe they should wait until after food. So impromptu beer pong took place at my rehearsal dinner, and people loved it. Did you catch the part that it wasn't even one of the American men who suggested it? It was a Brit? Am I the only one who finds it that much funnier because of that?? Oh well.

Karaoke was planned, actually. MOB had this karaoke machine for forever that she'd never used so I decided to use it! My pampie, the karaoke master, loaned us some of his cds for the occasion.

Only picture I've seen so far of me in my rehearsal dinner dress, prior to adding the hoodie. I think I was mid speech! Yikes.

The only thing I wish we could have changed? The weather! I mean, don't get me wrong, I am so grateful it didn't rain, but it was so cold that just about everyone (except us few tough guys) ended up going inside - which was not supposed to happen! I was pretty scared that it was going to be just as cold the next night at the wedding...


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