Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Art Thou Green Shoes??

Why is it so hard to find green shoes? Clearly they're only the most awesome colored shoes in the world, so why don't designers make more of them? Is it because they're so beautiful that they want to keep us wanting more, and if they mass produced them, versus only making like 8 pairs available at a time, we would quickly tire of them and it wouldn't be such a hot commodity?? Because I'll tell you right now, I would not tire of such a thing. I would fill my closet with them.

Whenever I finally find green shoes that I love, they're sold out in my size, or are uber expensive, or were from 3 seasons ago and impossible to find! Yes, I do know that my wedding is over (*tear*) and I don't need green shoes for any real occasion anymore... but I want them! That has to be a good enough reason, no? No? Ok, then I need beautiful green shoes to match my beautiful green Kate Spade work bag.

Yes, she's mine. And I got her at Marshall's. It was meant to be. Be jealous. (photo is mine)

Ok, that's not the only reason. I don't have a realistic reason for needing green shoes. I just want them. And I get excited every time I find beauties like these:

I'll admit, spending $55 on sandals is a bit out of my comfort zone... I mean, they're sandals. I can't even wear them to work! But I was thisclose to making an exception for these beautiful babies until I saw that they were sold out of my size/color combo. Oh yeah, and I was even willing to go a half size down OR up, if need be, but nope. Sold out in those, too. Which, of course, makes me want them even more.

I'm also going to vent my frustrations with shoe websites in general for a minute here. Because in addition to designers clearly not making enough green shoes for my liking, I have another issue.

Dear DSW, 6pm, Endless, and every other online shoe store ever:

I love you. I really do. I love buying shoes onl
ine (or in person, let's be honest). I love your prices (most of the time). But there's one major lesson you all apparently missed in kindergarten.

BLUE ≠ GREEN. Blue is blue. Green is green. I'll give you turquoise, and understand why you might have that pop up in both g
reen and blue shoe searches. (Although I'd really like you to add a turquoise section so as to prevent any issue whatsoever! People who want turquoise shoes are looking for them. If you have a turquoise option in your search, the people who want those shoes will look there! The only reason they look in blue AND green is because that's where you put them.) BUT when royal (or robin's egg) BLUE shoes pop up in my GREEN shoe search, I see RED.


(at least until you make a turquoise/teal section)

Also, while we're on the topic, you need more green shoes. I know, I know, you don't design them, you just sell them. But when ugg
os like these pop up in a green shoe search, you know you don't have enough green shoes in your supply.
Photos from DSW and 6pm

Yours truly,
I came across these while grabbing all the photos for this post:

They're not exactly every day wearable, though... ok, who wants to get married and have green as one of their wedding colors so I can wear these? Hm? Any takers? Please?? Totally would have bought them for my wedding (I do love my wedding shoes, but always wished they were a little more kelly or apple and less lime).


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