Monday, March 14, 2011

Gorilla Glue ≠ Elmers Glue

My drawer-o-undergarments finally broke under all the pressure yesterday (there's a lot in there, not gonna lie), and I had to glue it back together. Well, not really back together I guess, just together since it didn't appear to have been glued before, but I needed to add some reinforcement in the form of Gorilla Glue yesterday. I normally heart Gorilla Glue, but it definitely ≠ Elmers Glue! Do not let this stuff sit on your hands and just think "Oh I'll just peel it off later, no biggie." Ummm yeah. Don't even let it sit there for 15 seconds. The stickiness will go away, but apparently it stains your skin?? Who knew?? Ok, well, they knew because it's clearly written on the back of the bottle, and they even include the intelligent suggestion of wearing rubber gloves while using it, but who really reads that stuff? And it's a clear liquid - how could it possibly stain your hands any color but clear?? Yeah, my hands officially look like I played in dirt this morning.

And this is after I scrubbed, peeled and picked at it all night. Boo. Oh well, lesson learned.

Also, yes, I know these pictures suck. I don't have my real camera so all I could get were camera phone shots. My b.


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