Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Movies = Involuntary Tears

So I'm convinced that I've always been a sucker for any movie with a wedding in it, but can't actually remember if I was this way pre-wedding or engagement. I KNOW I never would turn OFF a movie with a wedding in it, but I'm not sure if I've always cried at them. Either way - I do now! Doesn't matter what the movie is. If there's a wedding, proposal, or anything wedding-related really, I have an involuntary reaction - tears just start flowing. I mean, they're happy tears, don't get me wrong, but I seriously have no control over it. We went to see How Do You Know a while back, which, for the record, I thought was HORRIBLE, but there was a proposal in it (not the main characters) and tears just started flowing. Couldn't stop it. But I seriously hated the movie, and the characters getting engaged. Tim makes fun of me and doesn't believe I hated it because I cried. It's involuntary! But I promise you I hated it. And I love a good cheesy chick flick, so you know it was bad.

Oh man, you should've seen me watching Father of the Bride (with Steve Martin) recently.

Isn't that such a horrible-but-in-a-good-way (aka cheesy) fantastic movie? I love it. And I also loved it even more watching it after having our wedding at home and watching them do it, albeit on a MUCH larger budget and majorly over-the-top everything. Still fun to watch and relate, though! And lots of tears at random times. Luckily I was watching it alone.

I'll admit that I also don't really mind it... honestly, if Tim were out of town, and I had nothing to do all day, a perfect day for me would be to sit at home and watch back to back movies with weddings in them, and cry. Is it too much to say I wish I could do it in my wedding dress?? Ha! I'm glad we got it "preserved" so I don't get too tempted to hang out around the house in it. LOL.

Oh, did I also mention that I don't really cry, like, ever? That I didn't cry on my own wedding day at all? I almost did once when I was "given away", but no tears actually came out. Same can't be said for Tim :)

See? Told you. That's me handing him my handkerchief in front of everyone when he choked up during his vows. I'm such an a$$. Lol!


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