Friday, March 25, 2011

Estate Sale

This weekend we're having an estate sale to try to find a good home for all of Meamaw and Grandude's belongings. I know some people (*cough* AOB *cough*) would easily just take everything to the dump or the thrift store and be done with it... but personally I'm much more at ease with finding another home for things, versus throwing them out. Of course I've already taken some things, and will be holding on to a few key furniture items, but there's still so much stuff. We basically need to clear the house out so that it can eventually be sold. You have no idea how much stuff has been accumulated in this house over the years. Meamaw may or may not have been a borderline hoarder. At least as far as dolls and pretty household items are concerned. This also may or may not be genetic and passed down to me and my mom... AOB and Grandude have already held several yard sales, but there's still so much left. And obviously he wasn't going to make his house empty while he was still living in it. It's hard to think of someone walking down the street the new owner of something that reminds me of my childhood or my grandparents, but, truth be told, that's going to be everything, and I'm just going to have to deal with it. I can't take everything. I want to, but I can't. It's probably a good thing we don't own a house yet, or I may have ended up with more stuff than I am. Also, hubby would probably leave me. (No, really.)

I've been watching Cash & Cari lately, and it's helped me get motivated for the estate sale. Have you seen it? I wish I could be Cari.

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She gets to have estate sales for other people, make money off of it, AND she gets to buy cool old antique things for a living (to resell in her store). So basically she gets to be at and go to estate, yard, and garage sales, for a living. I want that. That would be awesome. (Well, for me.) She even gets to call herself "Treasure Hunter". As in

Cari Cucksey
Treasure Hunter

How cool is that?

FYI I'm calling it an estate sale because I think by definition we are selling more than just would normally be at a yard sale, since typically you sell certain things you don't want or need anymore, versus trying to sell pretty much everything. Sure, things will be outside in the yard, but some furniture will also be left inside since there's no way we can get it all outside. Most people think of estate sales as being inside the house. I think this is probably usually the case since there's so much stuff, some would just rather leave it inside and have people look through it in there versus bringing it outside. Also, some people think an estate sale is mainly antiques and valuables, but it's really not. Sure, it can be, but it's basically just selling whatever you can from a person's estate (not necessarily one that is deceased either). I'm telling you this because I didn't know until I did a little research on it, and I'm sure others don't know either. I also read some good advice for people going to an estate sale the other day (in case you're planning on it). Don't think of it as looking through someone's beloved belongings and being sad about it, think of it as helping the seller move on with their life by giving the items a new life and a new home. I know I'm the seller here, but that actually helped and made sense to me.


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