Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday Green

So I was going to blog about something else today, but felt like my birthday post needed to be about something green. Soooo... guess what. I got my shoes AND my jewelry! Yayyyy!

Menbur Febo Platform Slingback

I found my shoes on both and amazon and ended up buying them off of amazon because there was a $20 off promotion, plus free shipping. When I got them they seemed kind of small, and I still may exchange them for a different size, not sure yet. They are just as bright in person, but totally awesome. I wore them to my dress fitting almost 2 weeks ago and all the people who work in the shop came in to take pics of my shoes! It was hilarious. I don't know what it is about people fussing over something you have like that that makes you love it even more, but it held true for these. Truth be told I was on the fence, but once everybody started squealing with joy and snapping shots of my shoes, I was sold on them. I love love love the hidden platform - it's going to be so comfy day-of! And what I wanted all along was a green peep toe pump with hidden platform - perfect!

Next up - jewelry: After the last post I was actually going to take some of your oh-so-rational advice of buying two pairs (lol). But then I clicked on this pair and in the "seller's other items" saw another pair that I loved even more!

I love, and I mean LOVE, tarnished gold looking jewelry, but I finally realized that I wanted a little more, I don't know, glam for my wedding. So I asked her if she could do them in silver and she said yes, she had antiqued silver she could use for it. Here they are in silver (I know, super high quality pic):

and here they are on my ears! The stone looks much greener in person, I promise.

THEN I had the genius idea of - "oh, maybe I should ask if she could make me a matching necklace instead of searching and hoping something I find matches the earrings!" Duh. Since her jewelry is handmade and not vintage, she obviously has all of the stones and should have them in a decent quantity. Makes sense, right? So that's what I did. I purchased the earrings to make sure I'd love them before ordering the necklace (because that would be a custom order) aaaand... I do! They're a little smaller than I expected, but nonetheless perfect. Love them! And they were only $15 (necklace will be $25)! Score. As soon as I get the necklace, I'll post pics. Hope you're not getting tired of seeing green jewelry :) I'm not even that worried about the necklace to be honest. If it doesn't turn out the way I want it, or it turns out it's too much (visually, not cost), then I can always just wear the earrings!

And this awesome vintage locket bracelet I bought :)

etsy seller ShabbyDragonfly


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