Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bolero! Ole!

(as Nyla would say) :)

Bonnie Quick of Un de Six and 6prints fame was awesome enough to make a bolero not just for MY wedding, but for my friend from high school Nyla's wedding as well! She did mine off of measurements she did once, and we had one more fitting after that. She did Nyla's from like 500 miles away! Check it out!

awww and this is my other friend from high school, Nan!

I ended up being so warm and... well, I had bridal brain like WHOA the day of my wedding and am ashamed to admit that I forgot to wear my beautiful bolero. :( *tear* It still makes me sad that I didn't wear it. But I DID wear it for our day after shots and I will wear it again! I mean, it is black, and uh, kind of goes with everything, so I really will (I already wore it with a dress on New Year's Eve). Now where else to wear it... happy hour? Doing laundry? Bonnie's rehearsal dinner?? Whatever, I know I'll wear it a million more times! :)

At least I have me in my wedding dress with it on… even if it's not actually on the wedding day.

Thanks Bonnie!


Nyla's photos are personal photos provided to me from her. Photos of me are from Hughes Fioretti Photography.

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  1. Whoa! I love how they both turned out. Hadn't seen Nyla's yet. It matches perfectly with her bridesmaids dresses. So excited it worked out for her. Thanks for the post!