Monday, February 28, 2011

Interesting Issue Involving Gifts

So... there's no way to pussy-foot around this, but I feel like sharing with you guys and asking for some advice. We had guests at our wedding (family friends) give us a check as a wedding gift... that bounced. So we had to pay the check return fee ($25). The guests in question acknowledged what happened, seemed completely embarrassed, then asked multiple times for our mailing address, got it, and then... nothing. Yup, nothing. So basically we paid them for our wedding gift, since we had to pay the returned check fee.

Now, I am well aware that the rule is that no one is obligated to get you a wedding gift, nor would I ever ever complain on a blog that someone didn't get us a gift. That's not what this is about. This would be an issue whether it was a wedding, birthday, Christmas, etc. gift. Basically we're paying for our own gift... no?

Just as a side note, obviously it's no one who reads this blog. Before you go checking your bank accounts to make sure it wasn't you, lol. I'm not that mean! I'm just wondering... how do I approach this? It's someone I haven't seen in person for quite some time, but do not have a phone/email sort of relationship with so will need to discuss this with them in person, assuming I say anything at all. How do I approach this?? We sent out holiday card/thank you card combos over the holidays, and I sent one to them thanking them for a photo frame they also got us, hoping that the omission of thanking for the check would make them realize they forgot to send the replacement check... nope. We just got a Christmas card back.



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  1. ummmmm, I'm a whimp so I'd bite the bullet to avoid the akward situation. But, maybe next time you see them just be honest and let them know what happened. Put yourself in their shoes, wouldn't you want to know and be able to fix the situation. It's going to be a weird conversation, but in the end, this person won't end up as "the person who made us pay for our own gift" in your mind.