Monday, October 4, 2010

Well Would Ya Look At That...

Remember Lela, my bridesmaid who was preggers? Some were skeptical, saying (others just thinking), "There's no way she's going to be able to make it to your wedding." I had to mentally prepare myself for her not being there as well. I knew she'd be there if she could, but you can't exactly control nature! And guess what - she made it, and TWO WEEKS to the day after my wedding, she had her baby! She wasn't due for another week or so, but low and behold... little baby Kirk joined the world this past Saturday. Congrats to her and hubby Brad!!

Everyone keeps commenting on how amazed they were by all that she did at both the wedding and bachelorette party. For the latter, she and I were like the last ones still dancing at the end of the night! Both she and Brad helped me out tremendously at the wedding. If she was experiencing any discomfort at all, she definitely didn't show it.

I know so many people who would have said they couldn't come because they wouldn't want to be on their feet that whole time, would be too tired... basically their excuse would be "I'm pregnant". But Lela never even thought twice. She was appalled that people thought she wouldn't be at my wedding. And she was - while 9+months pregnant!! She amazes me. I keep describing her as a nonpregnant woman in a pregnant woman's body (well, not any more!), because that's how she acts. She acts like her normal self, right down to dancing all night, just with a little human being in her tummy.

Brad, Lela, and baby Kirk the day of the wedding.

So welcome to the world, baby Kirk. Your momma's a trooper!


PS Her MIL altered her bridesmaid dress and it looked awesome!

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