Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tip 'O The Week - Wedding Fund

Here's my tip to you, my friends: SET UP A SEPARATE ACCOUNT FOR ALL WEDDING MONIES.

Do it.


Who am I to tell you to do this? I am the person who is right now trying to figure out how much to reimburse myself for for everything I ever purchased for the wedding. Like, it's a damn good thing I save all my receipts. Basically I took it upon myself to pay for everything for the wedding out of my pocket, while keeping our contributions (and family contributions) in a savings account until I absolutely had to pay myself back for things. I wanted it to gain interest! I had good intentions, and had no idea how difficult it would be to figure it all out. So at the moment I am calculating up all my wedding-related receipts for the past year, going through credit card statements to see what I paid for on there, adding up checks I wrote to vendors... and totally second-guessing myself through the entire process. It's stupid because basically I could screw myself over if I don't pay myself back for something big, you know? I tried to keep track of the things I've already reimbursed myself for, but, again, I keep second-guessing myself. I'll figure it all out eventually, but this is not really a fun process, not gonna lie. So take a tip from my mistake! Put all your wedding funds into a separate account, and write checks and make payments from that account only. It will make your life soooo sooo much easier.


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