Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tip 'O The Week - You Can Never Plan Enough For...

Rain. I suppose it's mostly in regards to outdoor weddings, but even indoor weddings need to have some special rain considerations. Like how the bride will get from the car to the inside of the church/venue/wherever, if they'll do cutsey umbrella pics with the wedding party or keep it inside. Ok so yeah it's MAJORLY geared towards outdoor weddings that need to be prepared, but I was one of those weddings so I have to tell you it's crazy important.

"But rain is good luck on your wedding day!" Whatever. Doesn't mean I want it! Lol
I knew from day 1 I'd need a tent. If I didn't rent a tent, it would torrential downpour. I have terrible luck, so trust me on this, it would have happened. The tent can only do so much, though. I mean, they errect it a few days in advance, which is great because that will keep the ground dry(-ish) underneath the tent if it is raining. If it starts to POUR though, there's not going to be much you can do unless you want to rent a floor for the entire tent. And even then there will be wet feet stepping onto the floor creating a mess and potential slipping hazards. Plus, it costs big $$$ to rent a floor for the entire tent AND it's not really an outdoor wedding if you make it seem too much like the indoors is it?? You really can't plan enough for rain. No matter what you do, if it rains, something will get wet and mud will be present. It's really hard when you plan everything for a year (or more) and the one thing you can't control decides to happen.

I have to admit that there are tons of cute wedding pics out there with the bride in rainboots and the bridal party under umbrellas and fun stuff like that. I am all FOR making light of the situation.

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

We had a tent for the reception and reserved a back up smaller tent for the ceremony just in case we needed it. Luckily, we could do that because we worked with a small company and they told us we didn't need to officially reserve the back up one because they'd have plenty on hand. So that was helpful since we didn't have to actually pay for it. One thing I didn't think about? A tent for the rehearsal dinner or brunch. Those were also to be held in MOB's back yard. I don't know why I thought it just wouldn't rain on either of those days? See, if it weren't so costly to reserve a tent (I'm pretty sure the company would have drawn a line if I tried to rent multiple tents without deposits), I probably would have, but when you have to put down a decent amount of a deposit when you rent such a big ticket item, it makes you think harder about these things. Like is the rehearsal dinner/brunch really that important to me? Or can we easily have a contingency plan for that? My personal view was that I was fine with whatever contingency plan had to happen, even if it was something we had to come up with last minute. For the wedding? Not so much. I wanted it in the backyard, and if I had to have a tent to do it, I was getting one.

When the 10 day weather report finally included my date I wasn't too shocked. Unhappy? Yes. Shocked? No. It said "showers" (60% chance precipitation) for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner and "scattered showers" for the big day. Yup, just my luck. Yes, I did rent a tent, but was I still hoping it would be a beautiful sunny warm day? Of course! What bride wouldn't wish for that?!

So what happened to me?
The 10 day weather report watch was in full effect right up to the wedding day, and every day the percentage chance of precipitation went down! The night of the rehearsal dinner it was chilly. Like, borderline cold. There were only a few troopers who stayed outside and enjoyed the karaoke and beer pong. The rest huddled in our (totally unprepared) family room. The big day? I'm so happy to report that although it was a bit chilly, it was a beautiful, rainless day. The evening was warmer than the night before, although some said they were cold, I wasn't in the least. I think we kind of had perfect weather, though. It could have been swealtering! Or raining! But neither were the case, gladly. Oh, and the weather was even NICER on Sunday for the brunch. Gorgeous and sunny. I got lucky (for once).

Your day could be beautiful as well, but you should definitely still plan for rain. I say if you're having an outdoor wedding, get a tent. You may not be able to see the stars from your dinner table, but you can still feel the grass beneath your feet (and if you step outside the tent you can see the stars)! Plus if you get tent walls it keeps the chill out.