Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tip 'O The Week - You CAN Do It All By Yourself

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But you probably shouldn't. Take all the help you can get. Don't be ashamed to ASK* for it, and don't be ashamed to TAKE it should it be offered. I have always been one for doing things on my own, especially when it comes to money. I hate taking "handouts" (if you will), so I'll admit that at first it was hard for me to take free help and services from friends and family. Then I realized, shoot, this isn't a handout. This is an offer, a gift, a present, and people actually might even be OFFENDED if I don't take it (I am not saying you have to take all offers. I realize some you may not want!). And most would be honored if you asked them to help, knowing they'd have a little role in making your wedding so perfect! Then I started to realize that having help offered to you wasn't a bad thing. At all. I also had Bridesmaid Amanda's wedding before mine so realized, basically, that that's what friends are for!

Shoot - would you rather pay for a ridiculously expensive cake, or have a family friend (WITH EXPERIENCE) do it for you when she offers? I chose door #2! And I loved my cake. Loved. Wouldn't have changed anything about it. Oh, and did I mention I basically just designed it myself and she made it happen? Even better!

(It could have been multiple layers, but we had homemade mini cheesecakes for everyone else for dessert so we opted for just one simple layer for our wedding cake.)

Besides lowering your stress level as a bride, it can also change the feel of the wedding. It's more of a - "Wow, all of my friends came together and did this FOR ME," bursting with pride sort of feel. It also makes you realize how loved you are and how good of friends you have. And, yeah, it also saves $$$. Just be prepared to pay it forward! I'm totally ready for that part. Like, itching out of my skin ready. I've said it before, I'll say it again - I love this sh1t.



*Just a disclaimer - I'm talking about asking for reasonable things. Like, "Hey, friend, I know you have mad calligraphy skills. How would you feel about callig-ing my invitation envelopes for me as a wedding gift?"

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