Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recap Time: The Night Before

'Twas the night before wedding, when all through the house
Lots of creatures were stirring, but not one on the couch
All were tucked under Chinese lanterns with care

In the hopes that taking pictures, no one would dare

After the karaoke machine and the beer pong were iced, the men were sent on their merry way and us girls sat around for some last minute project doing. Some of my "crew" sat on the floor of MOB's living room and helped me assemble Chinese lanterns until we couldn't assemble no more. (It was a good thing the cat and dog were kenneled for the weekend because there were lanterns everywhere! And they would have been destroyed come morning!)

(Me with Bridesmaid Amanda and MOH Cassie. Bonnie was there, too, but she hates pictures.)

Bridesmaid Amanda put together the kids' bags for me and we also poured 800 lbs of candy into candy containers for the candy bar/buffet (we put plastic wrap on top, don't worry). I knew there was still a lot left to do, but there wasn't any energy left in me to do it.

So I kicked everyone out, we attempted to blow up the air mattress for *then FH* to sleep on, failed, and then I had to sleep in bed with MOB so he could have my bed. Emotion Alert - It was nice sleeping in bed with my mom the night before I got married. Don't tell anybody I said that. I have a reputation to keep up.


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