Friday, October 22, 2010

Recap Time: The Morning-Of Craziness

Yeah, it was crazy. I got a decent sleep the night before, and knew I wouldn't want to get up at an absurd hour (like 6am) because I knew I didn't want to look like death on my wedding day and I don't do mornings. Really, I'm like the poster, ask the hubby. Or anyone else I've ever known, for that matter. If there ever was a person who didn't do mornings, it would be me.

Anyway, I got up at 8am, and by the time I got out of the shower we already had helpers arriving (yay!). We got straight to work on getting stuff together. I feel bad because I didn't actually have a chance to get my hands on that many projects because I was so busy instructing everyone else! But I guess I'm the one with the vision, so it had to be done. I was running around like crazy though, don't think I was sitting around like a bum or anything!

Want a taste of what it's like to DIY your own wedding? Here are just the tasks I can remember that we did the morning of (there are no pictures because it was all hands on deck and none of those hands were holding cameras):
  • Stringing and hanging of Chinese lanterns
  • Christmas lights to hang
  • Men coming up with a way to hang windows between two trees for the ceremony
  • My SIL filling a hole in the "aisle"
  • Chairs and tables to set up/arrange for both ceremony and reception
  • Linens to steam
  • Napkins "folded" (we knotted them, but it still had to be done)
  • Kegs to be picked up
  • Candy bar/buffet to be set up
  • Centerpieces, seating chart, memorial, programs, signs, cardbox, placecards, and favors to put out
  • Sangria made
  • Drinks put out
  • Desserts made/put out
  • Cake decorated (by a family friend, but still a task)
Oh yeah, and I had to leave at 12:45pm to go get my nails done. I thought we were doing well with getting everything done, but time was all of a sudden UP and it was time for me to go! I was going to treat all my bridesmaids to a mani/pedi as well, but two of them ended up not getting to go, which I feel terrible about, but I know that it all wouldn't have gotten done without them staying. :( I was on the phone with Bridesmaid Amanda every 30 seconds while we were there, either she was calling and asking me something or I was calling to tell her something else that needed to be done. It was not a relaxing thing for me! I would rather have been there!

Me & MOB getting our hair did.

We then went straight to the hairdresser, 25 minutes late (not my fault for once)... Luckily it's the same hairdresser I've had since I was like 13 or something so she didn't kill us. They weren't HAPPY about how late we were, but she didn't kill us, so that's good. Love you Hair2Please!

I think it's safe to say I was freaking at this point. FREA-KING. I had my trusty green binder and to-do lists on my lap the entire time while I was getting my hair done.

No seriously, I really did. All those looking down pics? I was looking at my notes.

When we got back to the house I had to walk around and look at things, even though the photographer was already there. I needed it. It was my stress reliever. I had to see all that had been done while I was gone and make a couple of last minute adjustments. Brad was amazing then, too, because he was following me around going, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it." So, thanks Bridesmaid Lela for marrying such a good guy! After my stress relieving walk through it was time to get my makeup done, put my dress on, and head out for pictures. I still had my binder with me in the car on the way to pictures. I really thought we'd have some time when we got back to go over a couple things with the vendors. Nope! Next up - First Look shot recap!

The awesomeness that is my friend Millie, doing my makeup.

How many girls does it take to zip me in? Apparently the answer is 5.

In case you can't tell, I was not an all-smiles-morning-of-my-wedding kind of bride. I was all business (read: too stressed). There was too much to do. But that's how I am; I'm not sad about it. I got to let it all go later, as soon as I walked down the aisle. From then on it was all smiles! :)

Except when I thought our ferret died. Lol. (He didn't, but sure as hell was sleeping pretty hard...)


Pictures with the word "Proof" on them are via our fantastic photographers Hughes Fioretti, all others are candids from friends.

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