Thursday, October 28, 2010

U + Me = Us

I know my calculus.

Come on, you know you remember that song! Ok, if not, or if you lived in a hole for a year (ok, or if you were born before 1980 or after 1998), here's a little treat:

Who knew so much math was involved in wedding planning? I mean, sure, there's the budget (which is a major part, don't get me wrong), but if you're like me and planning an outside wedding where you have to rent everything A - there's all sorts of rental prices to compare, sizes to compare, etc. and B - square footage. What?! I have to calculate the square footage of not just the tent, but the tables inside as well as the dance floor? And I have to figure out how much "space" each person needs?? This is probably one time I wish everyone I knew was a close talker and didn't need much space :) BUT, alas, you have to account for like a foot and a half of the chair itself, plus at least 3 feet behind that chair, plus like an additional 3 feet between tables, plus I need to calculate how much room each person will need to dance? But some people flail their arms and need more space than others! And I have to guesstimate how many people will want to dance? Oy.

And we've already discussed not being able to accurately estimate how many people will attend your wedding. Yet another impossible equation to solve.

Right, and my trying to map out how to hang the lights in the tent? Not that I did the calculations, but I'm pretty sure (Bridesmaid Lela's husband) Brad did! And my Uncle Randy definitely tried to calculate the weight of the lanterns + lights, height of the poles, etc. without even being there.

So here's a heads-up to brides-to-be and someday-brides-to-be: remember how we all were like "We'll never have to use Calculus in the real world!"


That is all.


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