Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tip 'o The Day - Spend The Bucks On...

1 - an awesome photographer(s). I know this tip is all over the wedding world, but can't hurt to mention again! I haven't gotten our proofs back yet from ours (um we were only married on Saturday), but I know they're going to be sick. We saw some of the pics on the camera and they were freaking awesome. Not to mention, Julie and Gary (Hughes Fioretti Photography) were just a joy to work with. That can mean so much! They are fun people with tons of energy and creative ideas, which makes me totally confident that the big bucks spent on their services and travel was toootally worth it. I mean, come on, they even did a ring shot on gummi frogs. How perfect is that?? So trust me, these are your memories from your big day, do you really want to skimp on those??

2 - Your dress. Sure, if you can get your dream dress for a dream price, by all means do it! But don't buy 2 other cheap dresses that you only kind of like (um, like me) and then find your dream dress. Wait til you find the one. Do you know how hard it is to sell those other dresses?

PS anyone need a cheap wedding dress?? I've got 2 to sell! :)


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  1. I read your post yesterday and it made my day! I also tried to comment yesterday and for some reason it didn't work so I'm trying again now... BIG NEWS! we posted a 4 image sneak peak on our blog of your wedding and day after session! Link is below :) Hope your honeymoon is AWESOME!