Thursday, September 9, 2010

Green Flags

I have been obsessed with the "Green Britain Day" logo since the very first time I saw it. It was love at first sight. I'm sure it's probably obvious why. I mean, it's green. Come on. And FH is British and I have this thing where I buy anything with Union Jack on it, or says London. (His response, "Do we have to buy everything that says London?" the answer is obviously yes!) And plus the Green Britain Day logo is just plain awesome looking:

via Team Green Britain

I was AMAZED and shocked and HORRIFIED (ok maybe not quite horrified) to find out that they didn't actually SELL anything with this on it. It's only in ads. Are you kidding? In America, if there was something like this, it would be at every major chain and people would be buying it up like there's no tomorrow (because we're suckers like that). Anyway, all I wanted was a dress (not pictured, but I've seen it on the billboards), or even a freaking mug. Nope! It's for billboard purposes only. No Green Britain plate settings or guitars. Not even a T-shirt. Trust me, I googled my brains out looking for it.

So for our wedding I decided to make my own, and do one for both the British and American flags. Obviously it's not nearly as cool as the original, but it's the thought that counts... I was originally scared that people might get upset over the fact that the flags are green. Americans, at least, can be hyper sensitive about their flags. But then I decided it looked cool and I was doing it anyway.

(pinned and pre sewing)

I was determined to sew it by myself. If I'd started this project like 9 months ago I would have. But A - I suck big time at sewing and B - MOB said it'd be quicker if she did it (true story). BUT I designed it and pinned everything into place for her to sew it on! I really liked the quilted look that the original had, so that's what I was going for. I used pieces of 3 different green fabrics to achieve this.

I couldn't tell you where to get those dowel thingies if I wanted to. I think I've told you before that I keep things that I feel like I could have a use for someday. Well, a decoration that we used for a past event at work broke, and had these white dowel thingies on either end. I had to throw out the rest, but kept these for some unknown reason. Sooo yeah, I have no idea where to actually buy them. Sorry!

Anyway, I plan on hanging these from shepherd's hooks somewhere in the yard for the wedding. You like?


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  1. Awesome! I really like the way they turned out. Can't wait to see everything in person in just a few days!!!