Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Licensed to Kill... My Brother?

We're licensed to marry now. I mean, technically there's a 72 hour waiting period (and we applied for it on Friday), but we're basically licensed. This did not happen without incident, though. You see, my brother kind of has a reputation. A reputation which makes every single one of my friends who is coming to the wedding say, "Oh my god - I can't wait til your wedding... so I can meet your brother!" No joke. People aren't looking forward to seeing me in a white dress, or checking out all my little DIY touches. No. They're interested in seeing the man (boy), the myth, the (infamous) legend, that is Brett. My brother is special. He pretty much just doesn't *get* a lot of things. He makes me do the face palm a lot.

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He gets some of it from MOB, for sure. For example: We went to a NEW YORK (this is important) Mets game one year (me, MOB, and my brother) and it was a day where they were giving things away at the gate. They gave us all Mets jerseys as we walked in. So we put them on and went to our seats. You know those electronic scrolling banner things? Well it started scrolling "Jersey Day!" and MOB goes, "Look! Look guys! It's Jersey Day!" As in, she thought it was NEW Jersey day... in New York (we're from NJ, if you don't know, so she was really excited that we were there for NEW Jersey day). My brother and I were like... "umm mom, we just got jerseys when we walked in. It's THAT jersey day. Not NEW Jersey day." She's going to kill me for writing this, but I couldn't just pick on Brett. Ok, I could have, but this is more fun. :)

Every time I try to remember a Brett story to tell someone, I can't come up with one. But trust me, there are PLENTY. MOH Cassie could probably tell you some good ones. As I mentioned above, the newest one has to do with us getting our marriage license. I left work early on Friday to get up to NJ in time for us to get our license (since there's that 72 hour waiting period and we weren't planning on going back to Jersey til like 2-3 days before the wedding). Well, I TRIED to leave work early. We ended up being a little late. As in, they close at 4pm and we didn't get there til 4:05pm (I called to make sure we could still come down and LUCKILY they said yes!). We had no other choice but to have my brother come as our witness. We get there and the registrar says she has to ask him a few questions and my face must've visibly dropped. OH NO. Brett?? Questions?? Crap, I didn't know about this or I would have picked anyone else! I didn't prep him! This is going to be disastrous! Ok so it wasn't disastrous, but it was pretty funny. The registrar asked him a few questions and then asks him if he's aware of either of us lying on our application (but in legal jargon) and he pauses and says yes, quite proudly (bc he didn't understand the question, but thought the right answer was yes). The woman looks at him and whispers "The answer is no."

Classic Brett. I then asked if I could get a new witness. Lol.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I'm at less than 2 weeks and about to lose my mind.


PS Did you know it's legal to marry your first cousin in New Jersey? Yeah. Even worse than that being legal is the fact that it's listed on the FAQs section of their website. Why is that a Frequently Asked Question?! I wonder what other things are legal out there. I mean, if this is happening in NJ, lord knows what's happening in, say, Alabama! :)


  1. Ummm, the only story I know is that he tackled a coyote. AMAZING!!!

  2. Ha, I know so many, but also fumble to think of one when someone asks me on the spot. I think first hand encounters are the best way to go. Also, lucky for you guys that the lady seemed to understand his craziness and didn't take his answer too seriously!