Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tip 'o The Day - Booze

I knew three things from the get-go in regards to booze for our wedding: I wanted to spend as little as possible, while making it not look like it, and have good beer. I'm pretty sure all 3 were accomplished, even if it didn't go according to plan. Good beer was important to me, because I will admit I'm a beer snob. If I even look at Bud, Coors, or Miller Light I get a headache. So even if it was for a selfish purpose, the rest of our guests benefitted from it! Lol.

We got kegs instead of bottles, had wine in a box, and made sangria from wine in a box as well. I got a ton of sangria recipes from people, but when it got down to crunchtime, our "Serendipity Sangria" had very few ingredients (and we got TONS of compliments on it): lemon lime soda, box-o-white wine (Franzia's Refreshing White), and green fruit! We used pears, apples and grapes. Even MOB liked it, and she doesn't really even drink! I had big plans of putting all the boxed wine into these glass drink dispensers we purchased so that no one would know it was boxed, but we ran out of time and that didn't happen. I also had an arrangement with the caterer that one of his people would "bartend" and pour beer from the kegs and wine from the boxes. You know what? That didn't happen either, and not one of our guests cared that they had to pour their own drinks, or that they came from kegs/boxes. So note to you all out there: it is possible to spend just a little over $300 on alcohol for your wedding, while still pleasing your guests as well as yourself.

If anyone is wondering, as I know I was stressing over calculating it all, we estimated that we would have about 80 people at the wedding, bought 2 boxes red, 4 boxes white (2 were for sangria), and had 4- 1/4 kegs of beer. It was the perfect amount. We ended up having a few less people (another post, another day...), and had an almost full keg of bud light (I guess because the rest of the beer was better), but I'm glad we got what we did because we didn't run out and everyone got enough. Score!


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