Wednesday, June 2, 2010

To Dye or Not To Dye?

I often wonder about the possibility of dyeing shoes. If I wanted to wear ivory (or even black for that matter) shoes for my wedding day, I would be allll set. Actually, I probably wouldn't because I'm so indecisive and there are sooo many options out there that I wouldn't be able to pick just one pair! I've seen beautiful green shoes... in pictures (no longer being sold)... on shopping sites (not in my size)... and shady foreign websites that don't even ask you the shoe size of the Louboutins you want and then send you to Paypal to pay and their account is 'suspended'. Yeah. Shady.

I'm having such a hard time finding the perfect shoes (GREEN peep toe pumps with a bow or flower on the toe and hidden platform), in my size, available for purchase, and not $900. I know dyeing shoes is an option, but would like to hear from some people who have done it? If I were having a red, pink, purple, or blue wedding, we wouldn't be having this conversation! Why oh why don't stores do green?? I don't understand! It's only the most beautiful color in the world (not biased at all...). I was in Marks & Spencer's in London this weekend and they had set ups of accessories organized by color. They had feather clips, hats, fascinator headbands - all separated out by color. Pink. Red. Black. Purple. Blue. Turquoise. Green. And, no joke, all but the green had shoes included in their display. What the deuce?? I was really hoping I'd find green shoes on this trip to London Town, so people could be like "OMG where did you get your shoes??" and I could be like "Oh, you know, just London." But nooo. Apparently this green shoe shortage is international.

Oh my god. In my search for "dyed shoes images" I came across this blog. I think this is my bride twin. At least as far as shoes goes. She was looking for green shoes (about a year ago) for her wedding, and was in love with the same BP Posey Pumps from Nordstrom I've been in love with forever, and blogged about the same dilemma - to dye or not to dye??

BP Posey Pumps. This bride got 'em, the rest of us didn't...

Well, my shoe doppleganger ended up dyeing hers and they look gorge. Don't they?

So should I just give in and buy an ivory or white pair and have them dyed the color I want? Or do I keep holding out hope I'll someday (preferably within the next couple months) come across my dream shoes? DSW alone has about 5 or 6 pairs of beautiful ivory styles. Like these beautiful babies:



  1. Hi there!!!! Not to be super creepy, but I saw a reference to Behind the Green Veil on that home page on Facebook and so had to check it out. :) Fantastic! (As a side note, could you buy a pair of ivory or white shoes that aren't too expensive and dye them and if they don't turn out the way you want, then you can just nix the idea?) Anyway, thought I'd post and say hello and that I love your blog. ~Emily Rose

  2. not creepy at all em! i went through my friend list and picked the people who get to see my fb posts about my blog and obviously you're one of them! :)

  3. granted they are not too expensive to dye I say go for it. what is the worst that could happen?? i know you won't be sad to add another pair of green shoes to your collection.