Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glam Green Gems

Ok I think I need help. I found this awesome necklace/earring set a while back on Etsy, bought it, dismantled it, changed the beads around, and I love it. BUT, I don't think I love it for wedding jewelry. This is the necklace from the set I got (pre-dismantling):

I think what I'd love to get are some earrings kind of like what Angelina famously wore a few years ago (doesn't help that I already had a girl crush on her, she then had to go and wear fabulous green earrings as well).

So I currently have about 10 pairs of earrings in my Etsy cart... and I need help! Seriously. Help me? Please?? Here are my top contenders (click on the link under the picture if you want to see the other views on Etsy):

seller ellabelleboutique

seller Dalim

As you can see, I'm a fan of big green stones. Not a huge fan of emeralds so much, plus I'm more of a vintage-looking-jewelry kind of girl (bonus if it's actual vintage!). So which ones do you like? The last ones may actually match a necklace I own. Key word is MAY. Do I buy yet another pair of green earrings on the off chance that they match the necklace? I also feel like if I get one of these kinds of earrings, unless I find a matching necklace from the same seller, it's going to be extremely difficult to match the stone so I'd probably just be wearing earrings. Do I need a necklace? I know, it depends on the neckline of the dress... but I can't show you that because FH reads my blog (sometimes)! It's sweetheart-ish, if that helps, and I'm wearing my hair half up (unless it rains, then all the way up). Thoughts??



  1. I like #2 best, then #4. I too love the Angelina Jolie green earrings thing. You should get at least 2 of these, why not?

  2. I like 2 & 3 also. I totally agree. Get at least 2 pair. Like you will never wear the other pair??

  3. sure guys, i've only already purchased several pairs of earrings from etsy, remember my last post on jewelry? but now go ahead and talk me into buying *at least* 2 more! lol

  4. Did you know you can post a request for a custom order on Etsy and artist bid with ideas and prices? You can even post the Angelina pic and see if you can get a very similar pair made. Just a suggestion.

  5. ah i actually had forgotten about that function! however, i ordered one pair of earrings (none of the above, although from one of the sellers above) and convo'd her about a matching necklace and she said she'd gladly do it, even though she has no necklaces on her shop! so once i get the earrings, assuming i love them, she'll be making a matching necklace for me! fingers crossed!