Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Brit Fads

Fads from London that I don't think I could get into. And I mean these were EVERYWHERE. I don't even know what to call them, but not a fan...

These I could get into though :) Too bad they weren't peep toe. In the pic they look perfect but in person they're not really wedding shoe material.

Not too many new fads to note this trip. Purple was still prevolent. Small, romantic floral prints were big, but that's the case here, too. Everyone had a tight leather jacket, but I was already rocking one so I must've started that trend or something :) The only thing I was really hunting for was a fedora/boater/trilby hat. Those were all over the place, and I really liked them, but A - couldn't find one I absolutely loved (not for lack of trying!) B - couldn't justify spending as much as they cost for something I didn't absolutely love and C - I'd probably wear it once a month or something.

I was really hoping to find my green shoes over there! Imagine being like "yeah, I found my dream shoes in London". Again, not for lack of trying. As FH will tell you, we went in plenty of stores in search of green shoes...



  1. Oxfords...and I have been searching for the exact pair I want for almost a year now. Mandy will back me up on my weird obsession.

  2. Go to London! Those were just the ones in Top Shop alone!! Everyone was wearing them... you'd fit right in :)