Thursday, March 25, 2010

Done and Done

Ok so I was trying to hold off and make my next post the one with the link to voting for the cardbox but... well, I have no idea when the voting is going to start! Apparently Amanda at RuffledBlog received so many submissions (:() that she extended the entry deadline to the 27th and now is uploading each submission on her site one by one. When she's finished uploading them all (as of this afternoon she's only up to entry #16 and I have no idea how many entries she received!), voting will begin. So for now I'll keep visiting her blog every 10 minutes until mine comes up (JK... or am I?). But I did finish and submit my cardbox for the contest! Even though the deadline had been extended so I didn't really have to rush and finish it like I did. Oh well, it's done and I wouldn't change a thing about it! Thanks for all the input on the design and decorating of my project (emails as well as comments). I love finding out someone new is reading my blog! And that keeps happening since I've been posting on twitter and facebook about it. It makes me a little bit giddy when people say they read my blog and yet they're not a follower so I wonder how many people out there read it and don't follow! In my head, it's A LOT. In real life, I'm sure it's like 10, but I'll stick to my fantasy world thanks.

I refer to all my non-followers that read my blog (lovingly) as my stalkers. It's cool, I was a blog stalker (blalker?) before I had my own blog and realized how exciting it is to get a new follower! So I'd be a complete hypocrite (which I sometimes am, but not in this case, I swear) if I didn't also have love for those who "unofficially follow" me. I love everyone who reads my blog! It's been really great to have a sounding board for all my ridiculous ideas, and finding out that apparently I'm funny. Who knew? Well, I suppose this post isn't funny. I'll try to be twice as funny next time to make up for it. Or not because maybe it's when I don't try and people just find humor in how... cool I am.

Anyway, here are some pics of the finished cardbox. I know you've all been anxiously awaiting them (because they look soooo different than the pics from the almost finished cardbox - not). Voting instructions coming soon! I hope you'll vote for me and not someone else after I send you there... I am kind of worried because everyone so far seems to be a person with an etsy shop or something. Not fair!

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