Friday, March 12, 2010

Cardbox Update

What has two thumbs and decides it's a good idea to start crafting at 11:30pm on a work night? This girl. This is what I've been trying to avoid aaaall along. I have this problem where I get really motivated to do everything at ridiculous hours of the night, which is why on Friday and Saturday nights I usually end up staying up later when I don't go out than when I do. So I try to keep it limited to just those two nights otherwise I'll be a zombie at work... well last night I came home from work, had some din din, went to volleyball, then came home and tried to fight off the crafting bug that came over me for like an hour. I tried to pretend like I could just go to sleep and wait until tomorrow (tonight) when I would stay up until 4am cleaning my house like a madwoman (see footage below) because FH is coming Saturday, and also somehow manage to work on my cardbox. Riiiight. So I realized that wasn't going to happen and/or I was going to drive myself insane and broke out the glue gun, lace, and glue dots. Sounds like an interesting night, doesn't it?

Anyhoo... I'm very proud to say that I finally stopped thinking about it and just did something with my cardbox. I got a lot of good comments and emails about what I should do, but ended up doing this:

I know, more green lace wasn't even one of the options! Sorry. I can't fight what the creative juices tell me what to do. I was attempting to do a lace frame for the Cards card, got frustrated, and was like hey what if I... ok yeah I like this let's stick with this. Then after that I opted for lace cascading down the sides because the sides needed something. The side lace isn't on permanently (glue dots, what) yet because I need to iron it and as much as I wanted to craft last night, I did not feel like turning the iron back after I shut it off thinking I was done after adding the lace to the middle. But once it's ironed I envision it beautifully cascading down the sides and onto the table. BUT I'm still thinking of adding pearls. Thoughts?? Again, please ignore the binder clips. I had to string the pearls together so they wouldn't fall all over the place and the clips are holding them onto the string for now. I think I want to add them to both layers, to the front three sides.

And hey, anyone care to see what wedding crafting has done to my room? Oh, just taken it over, that's what:

This is what happens when you live with roommates, feel bad about taking over any room in the house other than your own, and have a small room. I don't even want to show you the other "this is what happens to the other stuff BECAUSE of the wedding stuff" areas.



  1. I really like the ribbon down the side!

  2. I agree, the ribbon down the side is fantastic.

  3. I like pearls, too! You are so talented.