Monday, March 22, 2010

Guess who's back!

Me! Sorry I've been MIA. FH was in town for a little over a week, my internet at home has been down since 3/11*, AND I've been uber busy at work preparing for today's big event. As in, not-even-time-to-check-my-twitter busy. Now THAT'S busy.

Funny story - MOB loves the term FH. I think she's happy she knows what it means. Like when she learned LOL (although I'm not sure she knows what it means other than that it replaces "haha"). I should give you a pop quiz on all the terms, Ma! Honestly, though, I have to admit when I first started reading wedding blogs, most acronyms are easy to figure out, but some are really difficult! Some are also just pointless. Like CP = centerpiece. Really? Is that necessary?? I also think some people make up their own just because they don't feel like typing them out. Unfortunately (UFTLY), they are the only one who know what it means! Lameness (LMNS).

So here are some acronyms typically associated with wedding blogs, for those of you that don't read them, but read mine because you're my friend, and for those of you that don't care enough to google them, so you'll know what the hell I'm talking about when I use them:

MOB - Mother of the Bride
FOB - Father of the Bride
FIL - Father In Law (also can have an extra F in front for "Future", as in Future Father In Law)
MIL - Mother In Law (also can have the extra F in front for "Future")
SIL - Sister In Law (also can have the extra F in front for "Future")
BIL - Brother In Law (also can have the extra F in front for "Future")
MOG - Mother of the Groom
FOG - Father of the Groom
RD - Rehearsal Dinner
DOC - Day of Coordinator
WP - Wedding Planner
DIY - Do It Yourself
FW - Future Wife
FH - Future Husband
MOH - Maid of Honor
BM - Bridesmaid
GM - Groomsmen
FG - Flower Girl
RB - Ring Bearer
OOT - Out Of Town (Guests... or Bags)
STD - Save the Date (Get over it people, this is an acronym that is used A LOT, and not just by me. It does NOT mean sexually transmitted disease in the wedding world!)
TY - Thank You

I have 3 days to finish my cardbox project. Crap. Wish I could do it by typing. I can't exactly bring a bright green cardbox and crafty tools with me to work. Preeeetty sure that doesn't look work-related.

*FH probably secretly enjoyed the fact that my internet was down. He even hates when I check my BlackBerry when he's here! Although we did use it to pick our vows this weekend! :)

UPDATE: I have had a request to add AOB (Aunt of Bride) by Aunt Cheri of the infamous Aunt Cheri's Button Jar! Of course, it applies to all Aunts of the Bride, and while I'm at it, AOG, UOB and UOG as well!


  1. It took me soooo long to catch on to all of these online wedding world acronyms! In fact, I read through the list and there were still some I didn't even knew existed. Too funny.

  2. bridal bloggers have their own lingo :)