Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holy Craft Contest Batman!

I don't know why I'm so excited about this. I've already told you all that I never win anything. But, alas, this one isn't so much based on luck as it is skillz (that's right, with a "z"). Plus it'll make me finish a project. That's really why I want to do it. I mean, the $500 prize doesn't hurt either, but I think I'd... well, there are so many phrases for what one might do if something they never expected in a million years to happen then happened to them, so you pick one, and I'd do that if I won.

Soooo I'm thinking I'm going to finish my cardbox as my entry. I already asked Ruffled Blog's Amanda if I could use that even though I already started it and she gave me the thumbs up. Now I need to finalize my design! I also need to find time to actually do it! Along with finding time to clean my bedroom and make some space for my fiance and his suitcases that will be here for a week... and I'm going to sunny California for work for three days next week... sooo I need to find time... but I also need to finalize my design! Let's work on that now, worry about the time issue later. Deal? I need your help my lovely followers (both official and unofficial!)! I've got lots of options...

There's doubled-up lime ribbonpearls: straight acrossswag style (please ignore the binder clips)and/or on the different part of the "cake"lime green buttons strung across (probably swag style)or there's always faux flowersfabric flowersantique gold buttonsor even feathers (wouldn't use them like this, just wanted a picture with them in it).
I'm also thinking about putting a "sign" that says "cards" in some lover-ly font on the big empty front section - what do you think about that? I could do it in ribbon, or on a card I make a fabric holder for and stamp the word on (I also have a letterpress I've never actually tried out!). I am also open to suggestions!

Sorry the pictures are so bad. Good thing is, it makes the cardbox look really vintage. It's MUCH greener in person, though, but for some reason my camera doesn't like to let other people know that. Right, and I probably should have thought about how horrendous my room looks when I was taking these pictures. Sorry, I was blinded by the cardbox's sheer awesomeness and didn't notice all the clutter until I uploaded the pics*. Lol. Thoughts? I need your help!


*Yes, that is a green wig in the background. I swear it's only for St. Patty's Day.


  1. What about a monogram on the 2nd tier....in an antique goldish color that has a bit of a contrast to the lace.

  2. I definitely like the lime green ribbon the best. I also like the antique buttons...but not with the lace. If you are really feeling the flower idea I would use the fabric over the faux.

  3. I vote either swag pearls or faux flowers, the white ones...I do like vintage feel and those two choice look classic.

  4. Also, what about using real flowers that are placed the day of the wedding?

  5. My monogram is a black circle background with white lettering... and I feel like if I use it there it would have to be the same. Hm. I'm still torn! I'm thinking antiquey looking somehow, though. Let's see if I get crafty this weekend... stay tuned, friends.