Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bonnie's Beautiful Cape Cod Wedding

37 bobbi pins (for my hair alone) +
51 bug bites (33 mine, 18 Tim's) +
4 airport visits +
2 newlyweds =
1 beautiful wedding

That's the math from this weekend. Bonnie's wedding turned out b-e-a-utiful (like I had any doubt). All the little details came together to form her perfect wedding vision that had been pretty much a mystery to the rest of us all along. Sure - I knew the colors, I saw the invites, but even Bonnie hadn't seen everything until this weekend. Including her wedding dress! Gotta give it to her, she was the calmest bride of all time. I think the only thing she was a little nervous about was not seeing her dress, but her mom made it, so I think she had every confidence that if there was something off, she could fix it. And it turned out exactly how she wanted! The weather was amazing, too. Bonnie's HUSBAND kept saying that they couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

They were married on Matt's family's property - a huge field that leads down to a beach. It was about 78 degrees and sunny.

Like with my wedding, I'll post some things to learn from when planning an outdoor wedding, that we learned this weekend. For today, let's just bask in the beauty of Bonnie's Beautiful Cape Cod Wedding. :)

First of all, this was the view from the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held.
Right on the ocean. So pretty!

Bonnie's wedding colors were "Capey". Basically that means lots of blue, white, and yellow. She's kind of like me with green, but with blue and yellow. She even had a yellow and blue romper for getting ready. And was finishing each of our dresses off (that she made) while in her bridal hair and makeup!
I'll do a separate fashion post later. Too many pics for just one post!

♪ ♫ Isn't she looovely ♪ ♫

Here is the ceremony site (all in one field, but the ceremony was down by the lake)

Cute programs, right?? Yes, that's a crab. With the letter S in it for her new last name.

Just imagine what a real photographer can do with such a pretty backdrop!


Reception set up

Bonnie's grandmother made each of these centerpieces (they later had a candle on top). She strategically placed each shell inside the jar so that the nicer side was facing out. That's more patience than I'd have! Sand dollars had the table numbers on them.

Here's a close up of the menu and favor (donation to St. Jude's),
so you can see the Capey stripe theme that ran through all of the paper products
(menu, programs, invitations, save the dates, etc.)

Love this idea. Bonnie wanted to hang little bottles along the side of the tent with dried flowers in them. We hung them with hemp at varying heights and with 3 different types of dried flowers. It turned out really cute, and we received a ton of compliments on them!

I made Bonnie a cardbox like mine (but obviously in her colors)!
I think it turned out pretty nice!

Bonnie used starfish as placecards - the placecards were attached to the starfish with a piece of raffia and placed in a picture frame (that we found at Salvation Army) full of sand from the beach on the property.

How cute are the bride and groom birdie cake toppers?? Purchased from Etsy.

Ok this is only pretty because it was delicious.
Dinner was a bonafide clam bake for EACH person. Yum.

Father/Daughter dance. So presh!

More dancing...

Ok from here on out most of my pictures are of drunk people (like my husband).
You don't need to see them all. They all pretty much look like this.

And this.

And this. Although this shows a super fun thing Bonnie decided to do for her wedding. She ordered pizza to be delivered before the end of the night! So good.

Success! Congratulations to my wonderful friends Bonnie & Matt!


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