Friday, June 10, 2011

SMBHD - Gets Way Too Excited To Go To NJ

We're going, going, back, back, to Jersey this weekend (my mom's house). We haven't been there in a really long time. Like... I can't even remember. Um... well I think I went in April. Tim may not have been at all yet this year! So it's about time for a visit, and we also have to pick up our furry children from Gramma's house. She's been watching them since May 22nd - I haven't seen my babies in a long time! But we were going away and couldn't leave them alone in the house, so off to Gramma's they went.

Yes, I get excited to go home. I get to see my mom, and our dog Boston. I get to go shopping and thrift store-ing and hopefully squeeze in some pool time. I love my mom's house. And spending time with my mom. What I didn't know, was that Tim may even get more excited about going there than me.

When we were originally talking about going to Jersey, my mom and I were going back and forth on whether or not we would go up there or if she and I would congregate in Maryland so I could see all the work they've been doing on Grandude's house, and help out some more as well. Since the moment I mentioned there being a possibility of going to Jersey, Tim has asked me every single day, multiple times a day, if we had decided if we were going there or if I was going to MD (he wasn't too keen on going somewhere labor was involved). He also made it very well known that his preference was Jersey.

When I told Tim we decided on Jersey, he was practically jumping around the room. I can always tell when he's really excited about something. Like when I told him his mom was going to make his chili spicy when she was visiting. "Really?!" as his voice goes up an octave. He doesn't hide excitement very well. So I got another "Really?!" when I told him the choice was Jersey. Now all he talks about is hanging by the pool, watching baseball, and, of course, what we're going to eat - what we're eating and telling me a million times that he wants to go eat at the restaurant that catered our wedding. Eating is his main concern in life in general, so I guess that shouldn't be too surprising. But it's so funny to hear him talk about this trip like we're going "on holiday" to Mexico or something... and like we're going for longer than 2 days. He texted me a few days ago asking if my mom could "make her ham and eggs for breakfast". And then wondered what she would be making for dinner Friday night (tonight). Little does he know, when I go home we don't usually have dinner the first night I'm there either because I don't usually get in til after 9pm or I make it because my mom gets home late from work. Lucky for him, my mom decided to throw something in the crockpot for us. I'm refusing to tell him what it is because it's fun to mess with him. :) All I told him was it's nothing he's ever had before (at least not at her house). That's so that he doesn't pester me with potential meal options for the entire two hour ride home. My mom told me we could eat ahead of time if we wanted since it'll be late when we get there... pssh. Please. Like he'd forego a home cooked meal by either of our mothers. No, no. He will just pester me to get in the car ASAP when we get home tonight so we can hurry up and get there to eat.
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To me, it's a routine trip home... to him, an elaborate vacation. Although I think part of it is he used to get so excited to go home to his parents' house for a weekend and this is a surrogate for the moment since he can't make a weekend trip there anymore.

Also, this is supposed to be my birthday weekend (since I won't see my mom again until after my birthday), but Tim's making all the demands?? How does that work? Lol.


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