Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bonnie's Wedding Runway

As I mentioned before, Miss Bonnie Quick (I believe she is keeping her name for clothing design purposes), made all of our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. The dresses were so fun to wear! We each had a different one, but all in the same fabric.

Oh yeah, and she also made our hair pieces and jewelry for us!

The ball is actually a locket. Feathers and whatever those white plant things are, along with hair clips, all purchased at Michael's.

The balls on the necklace are also lockets!

Something you may not know about me is how much I loooove antique (looking or real) tarnished gold jewelry. Seriously LOVE. I was way too happy when she gave us this jewelry!

I also have been wearing it pretty much every day since she gave it to us.

To complete the outfit, she asked us all to wear yellow shoes. I MAY or may not have begged her to do so. :) We all know how I like colorful shoes!
(Mine are the back right below.)

She also made the flower girl dresses! Aren't they cute?

And since sewing awesome dresses apparently runs in her family, her mom made her wedding dress! Ain't it purdy?

Unfortunately I don't have any pics of all us girls (or Bonnie, for that matter!) walking down the aisle because Tim was on parking lot duty and didn't make it back in time for me to give him my camera, so I can't wait to see the professional pics of that!

The lovely ladies from Wedding Tresses (serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island) who did our hair (Jenn) and makeup (Kayla) kept saying that they could totally see this wedding ending up in a magazine because of the unique dresses, hair pieces, etc. Or on a blog? hehe. They were awesome, btw. The makeup looked amazing, and I loved my hair the first time it was done! Yeah, I had to get mine redone because it got messed up (freakin' wind) when I went back to do a couple more set up tasks. Then the hairdresser told me my hair couldn't be as big as it was before if I wanted it to stay. *tear*

Also, today is Bonnie's birthday!

Happy Birthday Bonnie
(not) Quick (anymore)!

Unrelated to this post, but it's also one of my MOH's birthdays!

Happy Birthday Ryann!



  1. love, love the pics. you guys looked great. i can see why you were so in love with your shoes! i have on my shoes from your wedding today! thanks for the bday wish. yours just a few daysssss away! xoxo

  2. blogger is still not letting people without "blogger logins" comment! grr. comment from bonnie:

    Okay, here is another bit of advice, if you are making bridesmaids dress and jewelry, give them a trail run. I really am liking how they look in pictures and on the dress form, but through the night some pieces did not stay exactly how they were initially placed(partly bad design) Example: the rope around Cyndi's waist was supposed to stop on the side, it ended up around her back during the night, not a big deal, but I noticed.

    And the necklaces twisted. I think this was an easy fix but didn't know it was going to happen.

    Also, didn't know you liked the jewelry that much, that's awesome! I really loved it too. Sucess!!!