Friday, June 3, 2011

SMBHD - Calls Himself "The Mouse Hunter"

Dog, The Bounty Hunter

Tim, The Mouse Hunter

So, we had a mouse in our house. It's embarrassing to admit, and I have to back it up with we have NO IDEA why it was there. We never leave any food out on the counters or anything, found no trace of it eating any of our chips or crackers or anything whatsoever in the pantry. We seriously pulled every single thing out and checked - NOTHING. We found some poops in various spots, though, and even spotted the little b@stard a few times. BH made me buy 800 different kinds of mouse traps. Or three. Whatever. Sticky, snappy, and mega snappy. Next stop was poison (which I totally didn't want to do, because that would mean we'd have to find it somewhere at some point). Every morning he was like a kid on Christmas. He'd get up, go downstairs, and immediately check every single trap, hoping to find a mouse with a snapped neck. BH would ponder ways to outsmart the little jerk every day.

I'd like to take a moment to clarify why I hated the mouse so much. Obviously, no one wants a mouse in their house. Given. But, like I said, he wasn't eating any of my food or anything. Well, BH is very clean. Like, VERY clean. Very concerned about germs and real, true cleanliness. So this stupid freaking mouse is the reason we had to clean our dishes (we don't have a dishwasher) and dry them immediately (versus letting them air dry, lest the stupid jerk lick them or rub his whiskers on them or something), and the reason I wasn't allowed to leave any dishes in the sink, ever. Yes, I'm lazy and don't like to do dishes. And that's the truth of why I hated this mouse. He hindered my laziness, and our sweet deal of "I cook, he cleans" turned into "I cook, he cleans, I dry and put away and can never leave anything on the counter for more than 30 seconds". BOO.

A couple weeks ago, BH came up with a new plan. He put a snappy trap on top of a sticky trap.

The next morning, he woke me up at 8:00am (ON A SUNDAY) with a huge smile on his face. He woke me up to tell me he caught the mouse, and that I should call him The Mouse Hunter from now on (not doing that). I told him I could just picture him looking at the trap and then pumping his fist in excitement. He confirmed that that actually happened.


Photos of Dog the Bounty Hunter from A&E, mouse via Google image search, mousetrap via Google image search.

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