Friday, June 24, 2011

SMBHD - Makes My Birthday Special

Like a good husband should :)

I took off of work on my bday, and my husband was going to, too. Turns out he couldn't, and he was pretty bummed about it. BUT he came home a little early and had me open all my presents. I'm not one for opening presents early (unlike my brother). I like to save them and open them all at once. Since I was off yesterday, it was kind of hard walking past them all day and not opening them, though! But it seemed stupid to open them by myself when I knew I'd be opening Tim's later so I should just wait until he got home to open them. So I waited... and he came home, and I opened them all! I got so many great presents - British things, green things, guinea pig things (along with other things I'd asked for)... it seems my friends and family know me too well. :)

So what did the hubby get me? A trip to Boston - including tickets to see the Red Sox! Woo hoo!! I'm so excited! Plus, he's never been to Boston and I'm dying for him to see it. Sigh, if I could only convince my mom to move to Boston, we'd definitely live there... (ma? yes??)

AND THEN he "made" me dinner. Remember how he got all stressed out from that ONE time he made me dinner? Yeah. He kept telling me he would "take care of dinner" for my birthday, which I figured meant make it since he was also talking about bringing things home. Nope! Didn't make it, he "made" it! He brought home chicken parm from my faaaavorite Italian market - Dibruno's. YUM. He was like, "You didn't think I'd cook after I got so stressed out last time, did you?" Ha.

AND THEN we went to the Manayunk Brew Pub down the street for some beers on the deck. It also worked out (FOR HIM) that the NBA draft was on... even though I had banned it on my birthday. He's lucky I had beer and scenery to distract me. OH and PS, just found out that Brew Pub has a Photobooth?! I made him take pictures with me. For someone who was in the photobooth at our wedding like 10 times, he claims he hates photobooths. LIES. Although, I have to admit he's not very good at them. Note the same face in every shot - almost looks like I'm in the photobooth with a cardboard cutout. At least he's semi smiling!

AND THEN we watched my new Kenny Chesney concert DVD! I must've mentioned it to him, oh, only a couple HUNDRED times that I really wanted to go to the Kenny Chesney concert last weekend, but it was completely sold out, so he bought me the DVD for my birthday as well and I made him watch it with me. I got to sing it, loudly, like I was at the concert, because it was my birthday and he had to deal with it. :)

OH and also - he got dessert from Dibruno's, too! Key Lime Pie, because I'd told him once that I'd never had it and he thought I needed to have it (since apparently his mum makes a killer one). It was green AND sparkly! :) Oh, and super yummy.

British Husband done good, ya'll.


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